10 Strategies to Ace CAT 2019 exam

CAT 2019 is likely to be held on November 24, 2019.The exam is undoubtedly one of the most competitive and sought after exams in the country. One common question that every aspirant asks is ‘How to ace CAT 2019 exam’. The test assess candidates on five main topics namely Quantitative Ability (QA), Data Interpretation (DI), Logical Reasoning (LR), Verbal Ability (VA) and Reading Comprehension (RC). CAT preparation begins with mastering these topics. Besides, it is important to first understand the syllabus and exam pattern. In a nutshell, to prepare for CAT candidates must have a versatile approach for exam and a proper study plan. Here are 10 strategies to ace CAT 2019 exam.

CAT 2019 – 10 Strategies to ace the exam

Divide the syllabus

CAT syllabus is vast, the key is to divide the syllabus and look closely at the topics. Candidates should be thorough with the different sections and its corresponding topics. First, go through all the familiar topics then proceed with the new topics.

Make a proper study plan

Candidates must have a clear plan regarding CAT preparation. Go through CAT syllabus before starting with the preparation. This will give candidates an idea about the preparation. Candidates should note down the time which has to be dedicated to the individual topics. The study plan should be realistic. Do not make schedule which candidates cannot follow. Candidates should set a timetable for everyday preparation and try to balance between their study and recreation. Divide time for each and every topic under each section.

Clear your basics

CAT syllabus basically consists of topics that candidates have already covered in their Class 8, 9 and 10 standards. Candidates should clear their basic concepts regarding the formulas, theorems, grammar, and vocabulary from the high school level books.

Learn shortcut techniques and strategies

On an average, candidates need to solve a question in less than 90 seconds. Learning shortcut techniques and strategies will help candidates to solve questions within stipulated time.

Practice previous years’ question papers

CAT question papers are the best tool for preparation. Solving the papers will give candidates a good idea about the pattern of examination and difficulty level. Besides, it increases the question solving ability of candidates.

Mock tests

It is important for CAT aspirants to take sectional and full length mock tests. The mock tests will help candidates to understand where they stand in the competition and what kind of strategies work for different types of questions. Besides, it gives opportunity to improve the weak areas. CAT mock tests also help candidates to get over the exam day anxiety and pressure.

Analyse your performance

It is very essential to track your performance after every mocks. Unless you do not analyse your mistakes and mock tests, it is no point further preparing for the exam. Book a time slot for self-analysis of your attempt. Check which questions you have attempted correctly and which ones resulted in negative marking. Keep a note of the score, time and number of mistakes and correct them. Try to improve your scores with every mocks.

Time Management

Time management plays an important role in CAT exam. Candidates need to manage time judiciously for solving questions in the exam. First, candidates should pick the questions that candidates are sure about and can solve without wasting time. Second, candidates should pick the questions that are an opportunity for you. Third, candidates should pick the questions that they think they can solve but are time-taking. Ensure that you answer all the non-MCQs. Candidates are advised not to spend much time in solving one question.


Revision is important to score good percentile in the exam. In the days leading to the exam, candidates should spend time in revision. Make short note of the important concepts, theorems and formulas as it will help you to revise quickly. Candidates are advised not to pick new topics during the last minute of their preparation.

Discussion with peers

Group discussion is a boon in the preparation for CAT. During discussion, everyone shares the knowledge they knows. This helps in understanding the topics and honing the concepts.

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