3 Conversion Tools That You Can Utilize From GogoPDF

Whenever you need conversion tools to alter your PDFs into the file formats you want, always go to the easiest to manage and offer excellent tools so that your files won’t go wrong. You are lucky enough because GogoPDF existed. GogoPDF’s tools will help you efficiently with everything you want with your PDF, and it’s straightforward for them to solve your problem.  So, here are easy conversion tools that you can utilize from GogoPDF.

Add Watermark

We are now living in a world where almost anything can be uploaded and viral on the internet, such as pictures, videos, and sensitive files. After you upload something on the web, it might be difficult for you to claim what’s yours unless you add your name or watermark on those items. Why are watermarks necessary? Because it’s your means of protecting the content you made and tell everything that it’s yours.

Without any watermarks, essential digital files, such as private and sensitive PDF documents, can be stolen or claimed by unknown individuals. If you don’t wish something like this would happen to you, start protecting your PDFs now with the “Add Watermark” feature from GogoPDF. With that said, you are free to pick the watermark of your option, whether it be text or image.

Users can also decide which part of the PDF they should place the watermark, making it cleaner. Now that you know how this tool works, you need to be a part of it. Please don’t wait for tomorrow, do it now. So here’s how you can easily add watermark to PDF:

  1. Choose the PDF documents from your mobile devices or computer and upload them. You can also drag the files into the website.
  2. Add the image or text that you want to use as the watermark. Choose the spot where you will place the watermark.
  3. Wait for the process to be done.
  4. After the three steps, you can now download the file or email it to other people.

Word to PDF

PDF format has become the most used file type, especially for people at work or school. With the format, you can do a multitude of things, and it is also secure and safe to use. So if ever you have tons of Word documents, start converting them into PDF files now using the Word to PDF converter tool of GogoPDF. Converting Word to PDF is fast and effortless with the software, and you will also quickly understand how it processes.

  1. Upload the Microsoft Word file on the site’s conversion box.
  2. GogoPDF will instantly start converting your files.
  3. Wait for the conversion process to finish completely.
  4. After it is done, download and share the file to any of your social media accounts.


When you wish to make your files last for a lifetime, you have to make them into a format that can help your PDFs last fifty to hundreds of years, and that’s by converting them into a PDF/A format. However, that process can only be done if you have the proper tools because it’s not an easy thing. Luckily, a PDF to PDF/A converter tool exists in GogoPDF free of charge. What will the system do? They will permanently eliminate both the encryption and font linking, which are the two unsuitable features for an extended archiving period.

A PDF/A is an ISO-standard of PDF, which is why they have pretty differences. When a file is in PDF/A format, the document will be well preserved and lasts longer than PDF format. So if ever your PDFs are converted into PDF/A, they will last for a considerable time, and you can still efficiently use and open the files without any problem. Also, even after time has passed and the system software has changed, the file will remain as it is and still looks the same even years have passed.

  1. Choose the PDF you want to become PDF/A.
  2. After it is uploaded to the system, it will promptly start the conversion.
  3. Wait for a few minutes to complete the process.
  4. When the conversion is done, you can download and save your PDF/A file.


It is fortunate for people who will get to know a lot about the GogoPDF because it efficiently and effectively helps everyone. And with that, conversion of PDF files becomes so much easier. When you go to the site, you will also learn that GogoPDF has more to offer than converter tools. What are you waiting for? Visit their site now, and learn a few more about them.