3 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Fetal Doppler at Home

Gone are the trying days when you have to go to your obstetrician’s office to hear the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat through your belly. In the early stages, it can be very rough because you don’t feel any fetal movement at all. How can you be sure everything in your pregnancy is progressing as it should be? 

Thankfully, most pregnant moms today can leverage technology and buy their own baby fetal doppler. This small device is very affordable so you can use it at home anytime to monitor your growing baby in utero. Don’t leave anything to chance! Here are some very valid reasons why you need to make this small investment. 

  • Offers Peace of Mind

When you are growing a baby in your belly, it is normal to experience some worries and concerns. Is your baby growing, right? Is he/she still moving? With your own doppler at home, you can monitor your little one. Even in the early stages, you can listen to the strong baby heartbeat to calm your fears. 

As such, this modern invention provides you peace of mind when you hear the steady heartbeat rhythm. It also offers happiness to your partner and extended families. A lot of people are anticipating this new addition, so the doppler sounds indeed accord a measure of comfort and joy to everyone who is eagerly waiting for your new baby’s birth. 

  • Provides Ease of Use

With this state of the art fetal monitor, you can listen to your unborn child’s heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups with ease. Just place the baby fetal doppler on your belly to listen to the sounds you love to hear. This super safe device with smooth plastic and certified electrical components offers you the best features. It is clinically proven, safe and effective. 

It is lightweight and portable so you can use it anywhere you like. Perhaps, you want to let your mother-in-law listen to the baby sounds. You can easily do that by bringing this doppler device to her house. It comes with a headset for easy listening, too. Apart from that, it comes with a recording cable so you can keep a permanent record. Later on, when your baby grows up, you can both listen to the sounds when he or she used to be in utero. This comes with battery components so you can reuse this time and again for your future pregnancies. 

  • Ensures Family Bonding

Pregnancy is a happy time for families because a new addition is always a blessing. With this device, you can let your extended family, and even friends share your joy. It will foster your bonding and relationships even more because they will feel as if they are a part of your pregnancy journey. 

Noteworthy, older siblings love hearing the sounds of their newest family member while inside mummy’s tummy. This ensures they don’t feel left out. Just like you, they can joyfully anticipate their newest sibling’s arrival. It gives them the assurance that their thoughts and feelings matter. Even while the baby is in your womb, they will feel invested in him or her early on, fostering even a greater sibling bond. At the same time, you provide your bigger kids with a sense of security that their thoughts and feelings matter. It goes to show you are all one big happy family, and they will never be replaced even if a new baby is coming along.