3-Step Guide to Become a Certified Vision Screener

Every day, people across the globe use electronic devices such as computers and mobile devices that may impact their eyesight. As a result, market trends for vision screeners continue to trend upward, creating a need for people certified in vision screenings. Early care, education, school, childcare, public health, and primary healthcare professionals are prime candidates for vision screening certification. Screenings provide a first step toward proper eye care while also helping identify those at risk for eye disorders. Here are three simple steps to follow to become a certified vision screener:

Step 1: Register for Prevent Blindness Certification Course

Prevent Blindness is the only national program training and certifying volunteers, school nurses, preschool staff, and other caregivers around the United States to conduct evidence-based vision screenings for children. Interested candidates can enroll in their Children’s Vision Screening Certification Course. Certification is offered through two methods – via an in-person group setting or via an online course including video conference. Additionally, state-specific training classes are required in Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Step 2: Take Children’s Vision Screening Certification Course

Online Course

The online course is offered in modules, which can be completed at your own convenience. The course covers topics including:

  • ABC’s (appearances, behaviors, and complaints)
  • Overview of vision disorders
  • Explanation of age-appropriate, Prevent Blindness approved vision screening tools
  • Setting up the vision screening environment
  • How to use the vision screener and tools
  • How to use referral protocols
  • Suggestions for improved follow-up on referrals

Once the course is complete you must arrange a video conference with Prevent Blindness staff to complete certification. During the video conference, you must demonstrate a variety of skills learned in the modules.

In-Person Class

Meanwhile, the in-person group training allows individuals to work with trainers in order to become certified. The course runs approximately 3 to 4 hours and covers the same material as the online modules. Prevent Blindness can accommodate 10 to 20 individuals in a class per trainer. You will have the opportunity to practice with the screening equipment and role play learned skills.

Step 3: Earn and Maintain Certification

Completion of the online course or the in-person workshop successfully results in a three-year nationally recognized certification in Children’s Vision Screening. Now you will play a role in ensuring children and students receive consistent vision screening and follow-up.

Once the three-year certification period ends, you can take a recertification course featuring a review of lesson materials followed by an online assessment. Discounts are available for screeners who have re-certified at least once already.

Realize the Vision of Depisteo as a Certified Vision Screener

For more than 30 years, Depisteo has designed innovative medical devices. We continue to research and develop modern tools to stay on the cutting edge of preventative medicine. When you become certified in vision screening, you’re joining the ranks of dedicated professionals committed to bettering the lives of patients across the country.