4 Great Products to enhance your Tea Drinking Experience

Tea is a pillar of Australian Culture; a day is rarely complete without one’s morning and afternoon tea to relax and soothe the soul. Beyond Australia, tea is an extremely popular drink around the world, being the second most widely consumed drink in the world, after Water! Other nations that have tea ingrained in their collective DNA are the UK, India, and several Commonwealth countries. Considering how tea is such a critical and celebrated part of our day, it seems prudent to invest in the best tea tools possible, to enhance your tea drinking experience and take it to the next level.

1. Colorful Storage Tins

The true connoisseur tries and tastes several types of tea over a single week. Hence, it makes sense to invest in storage tins, so one knows how to distinguish between all the tantalizing flavors in their collection, and be able to pick out their favorites in a jiffy. Good quality storage tins will also prolong the life of your tea after it is out of the packaging.

It is prudent to search for tins that are made of good material and are designed in such a way so that they can hold loose tea and/or tea bags in an adequate quantity with no fuss.

2. Thermal Cups

Modern life can be fast, but don’t let that stop you from fulfilling your daily tea ritual by investing in a high-quality thermal cup so that you can sip your favorite tea on the go. Alternatively, one could prepare fresh tea in the morning, put it in the thermal cup, and take it to work, and have it in the peace and quiet of your workplace.

Another great way of using a thermal cup would be to make a fresh large batch of tea in the morning and be able to sip it at an appropriate temperature all day when the need arises.

3.Tea Pots

Having brunch in the afternoon and need to serve 4-5 people? In such a scenario, a teapot is a good investment. But one needs to make sure it’s high quality and made of the right material so that the teapot can keep your tea fresh for as long as possible. The ideal teapot would be of a convenient size and be able to insulate your delectable tea from the elements for the longest time possible. Another good bonus would be possessing the trait of being microwave safe so that one could heat it up in a jiffy.

4. Tea Maker

We have discussed several types of tea tools till this point, so it is only logical to include the actual tea maker in this list. This is where the magic happens. A good quality tea maker is essential that your tea is brewed in the best way possible, at the right temperature, so that you can enjoy it with the best aroma and taste at your convenience at any time.

It is also essential that your tea market is made with materials that do not react to liquids, and may contaminate or change the taste of your tea in various ways. The ideal teapot would be made of 100% BPA Plastic. It should also come with features that minimize any overflow or spillage to prevent wastage of any tea.