4 Most Popular Hindi Newspapers App In India 

Reading news is a great habit as it promotes social science and some people are quite addicted as they love to know about different things and don’t want to miss a single bit of information. There is nothing wrong with being a news addict as people who love news develop strong memory and focus skills when compared to people who don’t follow such habits. Reading newspapers in the age of smartphones and tablets seems quite traditional, isn’t it? If you love keep yourself updated with Hindi news , you should be updated with the latest newspapers app to enjoy uninterrupted and unlimited latest Hindi news updates. 

Before we get onto the list of the 4 most popular newspaper app in India, here are the top 5 benefits of reading news daily.

Top Five Benefits Of Reading Daily News

  1. Reading news is one of the best ways of gaining knowledge about local and international happenings. People who read news have broader thinking capabilities as news involves a variety of aspects like sports, health, technology, local, international, political entertainment, and various other categories.
  2. The world seems quite separated without news. The news connects people from two different parts of a country or world by providing concise information. The reader gets a chance to learn about a new culture and various other concepts.
  3. News reading can help in personality development as it can help a person in increasing their vocabulary and reading skills. It can also help the readers in understanding complex subjects like economy, politics, and current affairs. 
  4. Apart from improvising vocabulary skills, readers also ensure that they learn about any new discovery or technology. 
  5. Reading news is also a healthy habit and it must be a habit of every active citizen of a country. Being updated with the latest news can help a responsible citizen in understanding new government schemes which can contribute to better living. 

4 Most Engaging Hindi Newspapers App In India

  1. Dainik Bhaskar 

Dainik Bhaskar is the leading Hindi newspaper in India as it provides the best e-paper in Hindi. It is also one of the oldest Hind newspapers in India and has a wider-coverage when compared to any other news app available in Hindi. You can read the latest Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper in the app designed for Android and iOS. The app also provides news in the form of videos, which is convenient for older people and for people who love exploring the latest Hindi news during travel. 

  1. Aaj Tak 

Aaj Tak is the leading news channel in the country and its app is also available in the Google Play store and iOS store. Aaj Tak live Hindi news app offers the best-in-class Hindi news for free. The app also provides a live news feature where the users can stream live Aaj Tak news channel in Hindi to get updates on local, national, and international news.

  1. ABP News

The ABP or Ananda Bazar Patrika is also one of the leading Hindi news channel apps in India. The ABP news channels are also available in Gujrati, Marathi, Uttar Pradesh, and covers various state language. The digital version of the ABP news also offers the latest news in diverse languages. You can also stream the trending and breaking news from India’s leading TV news Channel.

  1. Zee News

Zee news app is also one of the most popular Hindi news app owned by Zee Media Corporation LTD. The app offers fast news and viral videos in few clicks. You can also watch the latest video news in Hindi covering various aspects like technology, science, sports, and cricket.