4 Super Popular Features and Applications for Moving Containers

Do you need containers for transferring contents? Statistics show that every year, about 15% of Australians move house, according to the University of Queensland. When changing residences, it’s critical to have all the equipment you need, including moving containers. These items can help store all your possessions, although there are common  uses of these large containers, including the following:

Interstate Removals

This practice is a common way of moving house in Australia. The most common move throughout the country is from New South Wales to Queensland. However, your move could be between any of the ten Australian territories.

When moving house or office between two states, it’s critical to have large and sturdy containers that won’t open or get damaged while transferring them.

In such situations, you might prefer container hire or purchase. If you don’t have any plans to move house soon, container hire might be a more practical option.

However, if your future move would require containers for storage, buying them might be more practical.

Container Storage

After transferring your home or business, you might need to put some equipment, supplies, or furniture in storage. In such situations, container storage is a practical option. It allows you to retain the items, without increasing clutter at your residence or business.

In some situations, a moving company might even provide services for a storage container. It is beneficial since you can rent orbuy and store containers from the same company. It provides more convenience than securing and storing containers through two different companies.

Another possible benefit of this option is it could be more cost-effective than finding one company for container hire or sales, and another one for storage. If one company is providing both services, then they’re more likely to provide lower rates to customers.

Special Events

This can include sporting events, road shows, and food festivals. The Australian sports industry is worth about AUD17.3 billion in 2019, according to IBIS World. There are several types of festivals, roadshows, and sporting events that require transport using large containers.

It’s important to have the right containers for these events. This is in terms of the type, size, and materials of the container. It can help ensure that the transport of items for the special events will be safe and effective.

Container Design/Modifications/Branding

These are both important factors to ensure your containers have the specifications you need for moving or storage.

For example, you might require modified containers for particular events and festivals. In that situation, it’s worth considering modified containers that are specifically adjusted to meet your needs.

Another option is for a container company to design containers specifically for your business. This can help to ensure the container is designed specifically for your business’s special purposes such as events. In these situations, container modification might not meet your company’s needs.

Branding is another common service you might require for special events. In such situations, your containers can also showcase your company’s brand. This can serve as an easy and cost-effective way to make your company’s brand and logo more visible at various events like festivals.

There are several reasons why you might consider moving containers. They include ones like interstate moves, special events, and container storage. It’s important to have the right containers for any occasion, whether it’s a roadshow, music festival, or moving house.