5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Two-Way Radio for Your Business

One of the best things that technology has brought us is communicating and staying in touch with one another over long distances. As we all know, smartphones are now one of the most important gadgets that everyone owns and have come to dominate the way we communicate. However, from a business standpoint, two-way radios are still extremely useful in certain situations. The most recent models of two-way radio technology have improved voice and data communication, which is especially useful and convenient for businesses because it allows their workers to communicate without being hampered by some of the drawbacks of cellular communication.

Buying two-way radios are as simple as you might think. Some stores provide wholesale purchases of radios for businesses at such a low cost. CB Radio Wholesalers is one of the most dependable sites to visit. It carries well-known and high-quality brands of two-way radios at reasonable prices. On the CB Radio Wholesalers website, you can also find various accessories for your radio devices, which is convenient because it gives the impression of a one-stop shop.

However, before you browse the CB Radio Wholesale website, keep the following factors in mind when purchasing two-way radios for your business.

  • Quantity of Handset That You Need 

Before you go out and buy a wholesale of two-way radios, figure out how many handsets you’ll need for your employees. For example, if you run a warehouse, you will require a lot more radio devices to keep everyone connected. Fortunately, when you buy in bulk, the price drops as well. There are numerous discounted items and bundles to choose from.

  • Maximum Range

When purchasing a radio for your business, this is the most important factor to consider. The maximum range of a two-way radio device using the PMR446 frequency and a transmit power of 0.5W is said to be up to 10 km. However, keep in mind that this data is only available when ideal conditions are met. The maximum range will be lower in urban areas with many buildings and structures that will interfere with radio signals. Check the radios’ quality you are considering purchasing to see if it has the range you require for your business. Powerful two way radios with enhanced functions are typically more expensive and will necessitate the use of a license.

  • Battery Type of Radios

If you plan to use two-way radios for regular business operations, rechargeable batteries are preferable to alkaline batteries. These rechargeable radios come with a charging dock and can be purchased separately. On the other hand, regular batteries would be a better choice if you’ll be using the two-way radio frequently in places without access to a power outlet. Just keep in mind that the cost of replacing a battery can quickly add up to your expense.

  • Channels for Two-Way Radio

Most license-free two-way radios have 8 or 16 channels that allow the handsets to communicate on different frequencies. More channels and privacy codes are available with license versions. These channels and privacy codes enable users to communicate freely and without being interrupted by others. Remember that this will be an issue if used in an area where there are many other two-way radios. 

  • Determine Whether You Require a VOX Function

VOX is an abbreviation for Voice Activated Transmission, a feature in two-way radios that, when activated, keeps the microphone constantly listening for your voice. When it detects your voice, it will automatically transmit it. It will turn off automatically if no sound is detected. This feature is useful if your business operations necessitate the use of a hands-free radio.

Last Thoughts…

Purchasing two-way radios, particularly for business purposes, is not a decision to be taken lightly. You should carefully consider what your company’s operations require. You must also consider the appropriate set of features and accessories to make communication much easier. When dealing with the technical features of these devices, you should always contact customer service or a salesperson first.