5 Frugal Questions to Ask While Hiring a Wedding Caterer

Marriages in India are deemed as big fat weddings. Can you imagine a big fat wedding without good food. However grand or lavish your wedding might be but without good food it is deemed to be incomplete. Wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion and couples want to settle for nothing but the best for their special day. Good food is what uplifts the mood of a wedding. Even simple and sober wedding can be made worth remembering by serving good food. A guest might forget the lavishness of your wedding but the taste of the delectable cuisines that they had at your wedding continues to linger on their taste buds forever. If you ask a guest how a wedding was the very first thing that they would cite is ‘khana bhoth bhadiya/bekar thaa’.

India is a land of diversity due to which the food cultures differ across the country. The diversity of food cultures is the reason behind the country being known as a foodie’s paradise. The availability of variety of cuisines aptly justifies our foodie nature. No matter in which part of the country you tie the knot one simply cannot imagine a marriage without good food. Are you planning to get hitched in the city of joy? You must be then in quest of Best wedding caterers in Chandigarh? The wedding market has number of wedding caterers available and from amongst them selecting the ideal one is a dainty task. Are you confused about your choice? Wondering how to trudge ahead with your search for a wedding caterer? Here are some questions asking which would steer your search for a wedding caterer in the right direction.

1. Are you available for the set wedding dates?

A crucial question that you need to ask a wedding caterer is whether they are available for your wedding or not. After much man hunting and searching the nooks and corner of the city you must have found the perfect wedding caterer but when you try booking them they inform that they have run out of dates, sounds like a disappointment, right! To avoid this glitch while booking your wedding caterer you need to ask them whether they are free for the set wedding dates or not. Also avoid booking caterers who have multiple bookings for a date and month as you would not want to get stranded in the center of nowhere by getting ditched the last moment.

2. What sets you apart from your competitors?

The wedding market has number of wedding caterers available and each caterer has their own set of uniqueness. The food quality, taste and working style of the caterer is what sets them apart from their competitors. The peculiar catering style is what adds unique to a caterers serving style. Before hiring a wedding caterer ask them about what sets them apart from the league, about their unique ability.

3. What sort of services do you offer?

Right from buffet catering to family style a variety of catering styles are available in the catering industry. Ask a wedding caterer about the variety of catering styles and services that they offer. To get a better idea about the working and services offered by the wedding caterer fix a meeting with them. Personal meeting with the wedding caterer would not just make you familiar with the working style and pattern of the caterer but also would verse you with the services offered by them.

4. Do you have references?

How do you ensure the trustability of your wedding caterer? How do you know that the wedding caterer is worth the price? Ask your wedding caterer to furnish you with references and testimonials received from previous clients. References and testimonials ensure the credibility and trustability of the wedding caterer.

5. How many weddings will you work for in a day?

Top wedding caterers in town have multiple booking for a day and month which is why if you’re considering to hire top caterers you need to ask them the number of wedding orders they can handle in a day. Trust us nothing feels worse than being ditched at the last moment by a wedding vendor. Avoid the glitch by verifying with them whether they would be able to handle your wedding or not.

So these were a few questions asking which would guide your search for a wedding caterer in the right direction.