5 pointers for hiring a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer

Filing for divorce in Utah doesn’t have to be complicated. Utah allows for both no-fault and fault-based divorce, and even if your spouse doesn’t want the same, you can initiate the proceedings. If you check for attorneys in Salt Lake City for family law matters, you will find no dearth of options. There are law firms, which only deal in family law and divorce cases, and no matter your circumstances, they can offer unbiased legal advice. As in any profession, some lawyers are obviously better than others. Here are five pointers for hiring a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer

Be practical

This is not exactly a hiring tip, but a fact worth knowing. A divorce attorney is expected to offer legal advance and support for your case, but do not expect them to be your therapist. Yes, attorneys often have an empathetic approach to clients dealing with divorce, but they cannot offer emotional support. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your divorce, talk to a therapist for advice. 

Experience counts

The first meeting with an attorney is key to understanding their expertise. You need to know their initial advice on your divorce, child custody matters, and related aspects. You can ask the attorney if they have handled cases that are similar to yours, and do check online to find reviews of the concerned attorney or law firm. A good divorce lawyer can be your biggest asset for finalizing the divorce without delays. 

Consider your budget

For ethical reasons, divorce attorneys do not work on a contingency basis in Utah. Most lawyers usually charge a flat fee, or have an hourly rate. The cost of hiring a lawyer is one of the biggest variable expense of your divorce, and your budget is important too. Uncontested divorces, where spouses work together on the separation agreement, are easier to wrap, and therefore, lawyers don’t charge as much. Do get a ballpark estimate of your divorce costs. 

Comfort and availability

Sometimes, divorce lawyers will take the case, but only an associate or junior would work on it. Make sure that you hire an attorney, who is personally available. They need to be accessible to answer your questions and do a meeting, when needed. Also, the comfort you share with your attorney is a point to think about. You should feel at ease working with the lawyer. 

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