5 Things You Did Not Know About Dogs

Dogs have been good companions to many for several years now. It is easy to think that you got your dog figured out by how it responds to you, but there are some little-known facts about man’s best companion. Here are some of them;

Dogs Can Smell and Get Our Diseases

Humans and dogs are not all that different, and probably that’s why we are good friends. We are related in the things that make us sick owing to the number of dogs diagnosed with cancer every year and those that are found to be suffering from a rare human disease such as brain-wasting conditions that make them unable to walk.

 Aside from that, dogs are known to sniff and detect some of the diseases we suffer from. Studies indicate that these pets can be trained to sniff cancers of the lung, skin, and bladder, among others. They can pick out the smell of unusual cells in human bodies. This has led to dogs being used as service animals for people who have diabetes, where they can detect the fluctuations in sugar levels and alert the patient.

A Dog’s Mouth Can Make Your Sick

Many people follow the misconception that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human. Well, this is false as they carry pathogens that can lead to diseases. Dogs can transmit conditions such as rabies. Food poisoning is the other condition that can be caused by dogs thanks to contamination of the food we take in by bacteria.

Dogs Are Envious Animals

Do not be mistaken and think that dogs do not feel some of the emotions we do. These smart animals know when they do not get fair treatment and feel envy in such situations. Studies show that when other dogs saw others being rewarded by a treat, they became agitated exhibited by scratching themselves and avoiding direct contact with the rewarded dogs. They also stop doing tricks faster when they are not being rewarded. Note that a dog’s jealousy is not complicated, and it only applies to basic instances of unfairness.

Dormant Dogs Live Longer

Dogs that live a quiet and restricted life live longer. If it stays out of the garbage and stays most of the time indoors, it reduces its exposure to harmful elements and will live longer. Research shows that aggressive and bold dogs lived fast and died young. Their lives are characterized by an eagerness to please their master and high energy needs that eventually drains them down.

Dogs Dream Too

If you watch your dog sleeping, you will see it twitching at some point. The human relation to dogs applies here since they dream due to their sleeping patterns. We share these patterns and brain activity making them dream about some of the everyday activities they engage in during the day, such as playing with a toy or running around the yard.

You probably have discovered more about your dog than you ever imagined. Well, your poochie is more complicated than you thought, and it is good to understand some of these facts about them for you to take care of them better. If you need any advice or item needed to improve your pet’s life, reach out to https://barkingheads.co.uk/ today.