5 Things You Need to Understand About Digibyte Prices

Digibyte claims to be a highly secure and ultra-fast cryptocurrency. Developed by Jared Tate in 2014, it operates on a decentralized blockchain network. This feature makes it appealing to many crypto traders. 

You can use DGB for smart contracts, digital assets, secure authentication, and decentralized applications. Are you planning to invest in Digibyte? It is essential to be informed of the latest Digibyte price prediction. Its value can differ with several influences. Below are the 5 things you need to understand about Digibyte prices:

No Standard Pricing 

Digibyte does not have any standard pricing since this digital currency is decentralized. There can be no fixed or global prices. This serves as the principal reason for the discrepancies in Digibyte prices and different exchanges may have some variation in their prices. 

Digibyte is also not limited to the USD or other types of fiat currency. Neither does it have any exclusive link to a specific exchange or country. Its demand and supply can vary depending on the market and situation. It can lead to a fluctuation in the prices.   

Exchange Listing

Digibyte is among the cryptocurrencies that are performing amply in the stock market. Since the market crash in March 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it has successfully recovered. There has also been a tremendous improvement in its exchange listing, influencing its prices.

Several top exchanges like Coinbase, Okex, Binance now support Digibyte. Such an increase in these platforms can support its token’s trading in fiat currency or cryptocurrency. However, it is yet to attain an exchange ubiquity that other top cryptocurrencies possess. 

Price Trends

It is essential to understand the price trends to know the value of Digibyte better. A Digibyte price prediction can also help you to assess its prices. The currency has already witnessed two major bull runs; the first was from May to June in 2017. Its value soared from about $0.0017 to $0.05. The prices, however, soon collapsed.

The second run began around December 2017. It continues till the next year and prices increased by over 400 percent. Currently, its live price stands at $0.085830. The trading volume of 24 hours is at $67,208,420. 


Digibyte is actively seeking collaborations with major corporate organizations. If such companies adopt the tokens, it would have a massive influence on their prices. In 2018, Digibyte collaborated with Investa UK. It led to the integration of Digibyte in its ATMs and debit cards worldwide. 

In 2020, Digibyte partnered with Three Fold. This move accelerated its decentralized peer internet plan. Such partnerships have the potential to boost its value significantly. 


The Digibyte prices are subject to regulatory issues and volatility. These issues are usually common in the cryptocurrency market. Its value can also fluctuate with the whims of the market. 

The price of Digibyte and other cryptocurrencies tend to oscillate unexpectedly. Another factor that plays a pivotal role is the demand and supply patterns. 

Digibyte seems to look promising with its highly secured and decentralized network. This digital currency has the potential to boost its ranking on the cryptocurrency leaderboard. It is essential to understand the above aspects to know and assess the prices of Digibyte.