ALTBalaji’s next, Crashh is a celebration of siblings bond

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Listen up. ALTBalaji is ready to tell you a story. A story about four siblings. Kabir. Kajol. Alia. Rahim. The four of them have been separated at a young age. Par kya hoga agar charo vapas mil jaye? Yehi dikhane ke liye toh aa rahe hai ye sare Crashh web series mein. 

Recently, the makers of Crashh gave everyone a glimpse of the four siblings in the newly-launched poster on their Instagram. They captioned, “They were separated in a #Crashh, but will the threads of fate bring them back together? Will this family find what they lost or does the universe have other plans for them? Find out how a #Crashh changed the lives of 4 siblings

#Crashh teaser streaming on 1st Feb #ALTBalaji

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ALTBalaji’s Crashh web series tells a story of the fate of the four siblings who are separated at a young age after the death of their parents in a car mishap. Their saga of love and pain will not only move you to the core but also make you jump with joy when they find their way back to each other after a long, long time. What really adds to the beautiful tale of these siblings is how they find out the truth about themselves. 

Starring Rohan Mehra, Zain Imam, Anushka Sen, Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, and others, Crashh web series is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The series talks about how their bond is tied together by destiny despite the distance between them(*waterworks incoming*). The several ups and downs, twists and turns in the Crashh web series are ready to give you an experience of a lifetime. 

Directed by Kushal Zaveri, Crashh web series is ALTBalaji’s never-seen-before concept. He has brilliantly put forth the bond of the siblings on-screen. Speaking of her experience working with the director, one of the lead actresses, Anushka Sen was quoted saying, “It was absolutely amazing working with Kushal Sir! He is really one of the most chill, cool, and visionary Director I have ever worked with. When he explains to us about any scene we can visualise that scene, which makes it easy for us to execute.”

She further added, “He is always open for improvisations, and also give us space for our inputs. He is hard-working and energetic which keeps us also fresh all the time, even in night shoots. I love discussing with him personally, and also he gives great advice! He is a super fun director, we play during breaks, he clicks amazing candids, and when we are working he is totally focused! I’m blessed that I’m working with him.”

Now, if ALTBalaji has such a brilliant director, captivating plot, and stellar star, who in the world would want to miss Crashh web series? We are sure you wouldn’t! So, get started and pay a small amount of 80 paisa every day. The Married Woman web series & Bekaaboo 2 are upcoming releases on ALTBalaji. Enjoy the never-ending streaming exclusively on ALTBalaji. Hurry! 

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