Bangsring Beach, An Incredible Underwater Tourism in Banyuwangi

Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi is an underwater tourist area located in Bangsring Village, Wongsorejo District, Banyuwangi. This place is also commonly known as Pangsring Beach underwater tourism. The Bangsring Beach area offers the beauty of its underwater ecosystems, such as coral reefs, corals, and various ornamental fish suitable as a snorkeling destination in Banyuwangi.

Bangsring Tourism is a Banyuwangi tourist attraction that was just opened in August 2014. Besides offering beautiful beaches, there are also floating houses managed by local traditional fishing groups in this area.


The beauty of the underwater charm of Bangsring tourism does not need to be doubted. Some time ago, the Regent of Banyuwangi, Abdullah Azwar Anas, held the Banyuwangi Underwater Festival event by placing several Banyuwangi water tourism spots. Bangsring Tourism is also one of the destinations where the festival is held.

With the diversity of marine life and coral reefs at a depth of 3-5 meters below sea level, we can enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater world, which is very fascinating. The coral reefs thrive in this area included in a protected zone with ​​about 15 ha, the community and the local government manage.

The colorful glow of marine life, when exposed to sunlight, is so charming as if it makes us want to linger in the water. The most typical and most common marine animal we encounter here is a medium-sized shark. But if you snorkel and meet these marine animals, don’t worry if the shark will bite because it has been fed previously. While other marine animals are blue starfish.

In the middle of the Bangsring tourist area, we will find a floating house, where around it cages are containing various types of fish. The cages used as a lesson for the community on the kinds of fish and the contents of the waters. These include ornamental fish, lobsters, sharks, groupers, and others.

In Bangsring Banyuwangi tourism itself, more than 500 types of ornamental fish have 15 species scattered in the Bali Strait area. Among the hundreds of types of fish, there are Angelfish which are the most popular, as is the case on Menjangan Island, West Bali. But the most hunted is the Betok ornamental fish. Besides the low price, this fish is very easy to find because the number is very abundant.


To get to the Bangsring Beach tourist location from downtown Banyuwangi, it is only about 9 km or 2 km north of Watu Dodol Beach. If you want to go to Tabuhan Island Banyuwangi, you will pass this area.

Banyuwangi tourism objects are currently starting to get a lot of interest because Banyuwangi has many beautiful and natural beach attractions. Recommendations for Banyuwangi tours that you must visit besides Ijen are Red Island Beach, Green Bay, Baluran National Park, Alas Purwo, Sukamade turtle breeding locations, Telemung Village, and others.


Then how much does it cost to snorkel at Bangsring Beach? Here are the details.

  • The price of admission to Bangsring Beach Banyuwangi is Rp. 3,000
  • Take a boat to see the Baby Shark (Baby Shark) Rp. 5,000 per person
  • Crossing to Tabuhan Island Rp. 500,000
  • Mask rental for snorkeling Rp. 30,000
  • Using the services of a snorkeling guide Rp. 50,000

* Bangsring ticket prices are subject to change at any time from the policy of the tourism management at that location.

That’s the price for the entrance ticket to Bangsring Banyuwangi Beach, complete with snorkeling if you are interested in seeing the underwater beauty here. Before you plan a trip to Banyuwangi, be sure to read more about Banyuwangi and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.