Basic Knowledge You Need to Have When You Are Facing Drug Charges as a Student in Knoxville

You must know your rights and hire a criminal defense attorney in Knoxville. Currently, Knoxville is at the bottom of the list behind Nashville when it comes to safety. The crime rate in the area of Memphis and Nashville is higher than the average throughout the country, which kept Tennessee out of the list of the country’s safest cities. Back in 2019, Knoxville had a staggering 10,000 reported crimes. Because of the high incidence of crime rates in the city, every accused will need representation and defense from a good criminal attorney.

Hiring the best criminal defense attorney should be your first critical step after being charged with drug possession. It is crucial to hire an excellent criminal defense attorney Knoxville to deal with drug charges. This necessity increases by leaps and bounds if you are a student because having such a record can damage your reputation. It also causes considerable damage to your education as well as your future.

Crimes related to drugs

Cultivation, manufacturing, as well as consumption of certain drugs are prohibited in the US. It is true under both federal and state laws. Several examples of drugs that are banned are heroin and cocaine.

The US has stringent laws to fight against manufacturer use as well as the spread of illegal drugs. According to evidence, there is a strong link between the usage of drugs and criminal behavior. The results show that consuming drugs contribute to involvement in criminal acts.

Other studies also revealed that accidental injuries and deaths, and criminal behavior arise because of the consumption of drugs. It results in $110,000,000,000 per year in damages to US society.

Drug-related crimes are also high in Knoxville, where the crime rate is over 1.6 times higher than the average in the US. Knoxville crime rates are at least 92.8 higher compared to other cities in the US. However, it is good to note that there is at least a decrease in the rate of violent crimes and property crime in the area for the past five years.

Drug crimes and students

Drug crimes are all the more destructive and damaging when done by students. The reason is that students who are charged with drug crimes will lose not only their reputation but also the reputation of the institution they are enrolled in. They might also be losing grants as well as loans and other aids from the government. Even after completing the sentence and paying the penalty, the student will never be eligible for aid.

Drug charges and a good defense lawyer

Several things are possible when a student is charged with drug crimes. It is possible that the drugs have been implanted in their possession, or they are wrongly accused. Possession of drug paraphernalia is quite typical among students. Paraphernalia ranges from water pipes to syringes. In many cases, people are not aware that these items are considered drug paraphernalia, and hence they are unwittingly committing a crime. Thus, it is critical to hire the best criminal defense attorney in Knoxville in case of innocence.


It is critical to be mindful of the law and mitigate the chances of getting embroiled in drug charges in Knoxville. The city is suffering from a high crime rate. The crime rate in the area is a staggering 51 per 1000 residents. Knoxville is known as one of the highest crime rates in cities in the US compared to every community of every size. The ratio of becoming a victim, regardless of violent or property crime, is at least 1 to 19.