Be Productive: 4 GogoPDF Online Tools You Can Use at Work

Organizing PDF files is easy with the help of GogoPDF. You can use this platform to convert, merge, add watermark, and unlock your PDF files in seconds. It’s also the most secure and safe tool to use because it will instantly delete your data in its system after an hour. So here are the GogoPDF features that you can use to organize your PDFs.

Excel to PDF

Data is everything, but it’s not impressive if you don’t use it somewhere. With that said, it needs to be explained well and presented in some but clear way. An Excel file format is also essential software that people use to unlock the potential of their data. It helped many business owners organize their files through graphs, tables, and charts for decades.

Unfortunately, your only enemy is the virus attached from macro, and it’s a mini-program encrypted inside the Excel spreadsheet. If you wish your document is more precise and understandable, you need to convert it into a PDF file. The convert Excel to PDF feature can extract Excel data and transform them into polished and neat PDF documents. Follow these steps to complete the conversion process:

  1. Select and upload the Excel file that you wish to convert from your computer.
  2. This tool will begin processing the Excel file.
  3. The converting process is done in a minute.
  4. Users can now download the transformed file to their computer or send it to others.

Merge PDF

Combining multiple PDF data will be a lot easier if you use this tool from GogoPDF. With that statement, handling PDF files will be more straightforward and uncomplicated because this software will combine your data with no effort under a minute. Besides the merge PDF tool, users can also use its converter, compressor, rotate, or split PDF features. With this merger, you can combine countless PDFs in under one minute. After you merge them, you can start using the file for whatever purpose. Here’s how you can use the merge PDF free online tool of GogoPDF:

  1. Choose the data that you need to combine using the merge PDF tool.
  2. GogoPDF’s system will start combining your files in a while.
  3. Modify your files and press “Combine” to begin merging your PDFs.
  4. The merged PDF file is now ready for you to share and download.

Unlock PDF

Protected PDF files are sometimes a pain in the neck for many people. With GogoPDF, this software will be happy to help anyone remove PDF passwords and unlock their files. You might not be able to resort to an option if you’re an average PDF user, but with the Unlock PDF tool, anyone can remove the password from a protected PDF file. GogoPDF will provide a process that you can perform in seconds from the download and upload process. Follow the steps below to unlock your PDF file:

  1. Select the PDF file that you want to open and upload it.
  2. Place your password.
  3. Select the “Unlock PDF” button.
  4. The decrypted PDF file is now ready for you to use.

Compress PDF

If you have difficulty with your PDF file’s file size, GogoPDF will gladly help you compress your PDFs. If your means of receiving and sending information is by having it in PDF format and via email and your file is too big, you need to have the file size reduced. When it comes to the compressing of your file, GogoPDF is top-notch. It will give you the best result after the process, and the quality will not comprise the original.

It will be an excellent choice to use this software as your online compressor because it will not hassle you. It is effortless to use, just like other featured tools it offers. Its compressor can also do a compression process with multiple PDFs at the same time. It can also reduce the file up to 70%. This reduction of file process is super easy, convenient, and efficient to use. Here’s the process to know how to compress PDF:

  1. Choose which PDF file you need to compress.
  2. Available options will pop out; choose which one.
  3. After that, the system will analyze your file and then start the compression.
  4. When the new compressed file is done, you will see the download button for saving and sharing.


GogoPDF is the most recommended PDF handling tool that anyone can access on the internet with zero cost. It’s a handy software if you want to compress, convert, unlock, add watermark, merge, or rotate your PDF files easily. For all of these actions, GogoPDF will take support. Start using GogoPDF now to make your life more comfortable and convenient.