Benefits of Using Custom Made Ceramics for Dinnerware

Some homeowners have the habit of keeping their massive collection of dinnerware sets inside the cupboard and will only take it out during special occasions. This is such a waste. They don’t give much credit to these sets and are too scared someone might break it. These custom made ceramics are actually very durable compared to other stoneware used daily. It all begins with the firing phase in the kiln and the various temperatures applied to create porcelain.

Surface That Looks Like Glass

The primary material used in porcelains is clay, which is placed at very high temperatures. The by-product is crockery with a fine texture that is very smooth, like a glass. There is a slim translucent shade that can be seen on the surface. This makes the porcelain ideal for plates because they are very easy to clean and serve as a solid canvas for culinary presentations.


Aside from their elegant appearance, custom-made ceramics are also known for their durability. Dropping the plate will obviously cause breakage, just like any other crockery materials. With this porcelain, it is regarded to have a thermal shock-resistant feature. The materials won’t have fractures or cracks when placed in erratic temperature changes, which is very useful in kitchen-related activities.

Vibrant White Colour

Some popular restaurants are known for their unique coloured-dishes, but they prefer the elegance of pure white colour for other customers. Porcelain shows the food in an ideal plating design and emphasises the organic colours of the ingredients. If you want to have a dramatic effect on their guests, remember to showcase the food and not the plates. It is also highly recommended to use pure white porcelains.


Normally, everyone will disregard the weight of their plates until their kids or the elderly complain about it when bringing it to the sink. Furthermore, during the after-care, which involves washing plates, the designated dishwasher will definitely make noise about the heavy plates they have to clean every day. Even with dishwashing, they still have to remove food particles before arranging them inside the machine. Hence, several homeowners will switch to these custom made ceramics. They are lightweight and remain to be durable. 

Easy To Maintain

Since the material has this smooth glossy finish, you don’t have to endure brushing stubborn food residue. These porcelain-made crockery are easy to clean. Food particles, grease, and sauce can all go away with dish detergent and water. The same goes with putting them in a dishwashing machine, as these hardly use soap liquids. 


On every occasion, there’s always a theme. The tableware made of porcelain has all sorts of shapes and sizes that you can seamlessly mix and match with their tablescapes. You don’t have to buy a new set every time you host parties or change their shades. Or just get the pure white colour, as it can go perfectly with any themed party. 

Reasonable Prices

The beauty of using porcelain tableware is that you can enjoy the best of everything. Despite the overwhelming benefits, these pieces are still reasonably priced. Unlike in some costly dinnerware, which most designs are not really that sophisticated, these custom-made ceramics are cheaper but look more elegant than others. 

When shopping for dinnerware, keep in mind that it doesn’t solely depend on the design, but it has to be durable enough. If these are supposed to be for everyday use, consider investing in porcelain tableware since many consumers can attest to their benefits.

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