Booking International Flights: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

While travel websites have made it easy for people to book international tickets seamlessly, they are still prone to errors or mistakes. Mentioned in this post are four things you should keep in mind while booking international flights. Keep reading.

Whether you are a first time traveller or a seasoned one, booking international flights can be a bit overwhelming. From making sure you enter the right details to getting the best deal, you don’t want to go wrong with an expensive international flight ticket. Let’s look at four things you need to keep in mind while booking international flights.

  • Know About Visa Rules:

Whenever you’re travelling to an international destination, obtaining a visa is an essential requirement. While some countries require you to get a visa before you board the flight, a few others allow you to get a visa-on-arrival depending on your country and the destination you’re travelling to. If you’re eligible for a visa-on-arrival, you won’t have to worry much. However, if you do need a visa before boarding the flight, account for the time you’ll need to get the visa. This could be a process of 3-30 days, depending on the destination. Moreover, if you’re taking a flight with stop-overs in between, check whether you will need a transit visa.

  • Keep Your Passport Handy

While booking your international flights, make sure you keep your passport handy with you. You’ll mostly need to punch in your passport number along with other details while making the bookings. Moreover, make sure your passport is valid for atleast 6-months from your intended travel date or else you might not get a visa.

  • Low-cost or Full-Service Airline

One of the decisions you’ll probably need to make is to opt for a low-cost or a full-service airline. Both have their pros and cons, and it’s essential to choose one based on your budget and needs. Low-cost airlines usually cost lesser, but they come with a few drawbacks. While these drawbacks might not be a big deal when flying domestic, the gap can widen significantly, when you’re flying to an international destination. Some things you should consider while choosing are;

  1. Destination Terminal: Many international airports have different terminals for the low-cost and full-service airline. Apart from lesser amenities, usually, these terminals are further off from the city.
  2. In-flight Privileges: When you’re flying for hours, you’ll have to rely on the airline’s in-flight service. However, most low-cost airlines will give you meals or beverages at extra cost.
  • Look for Best Offers

International flight tickets can be expensive. Thus, it is essential to try and get the best deal on your ticket. Now there are many ways to do this, but let’s focus on 2 major tips that can help you get the best offers.

  • Be Flexible: Unless you have a meeting or a deadline, or a family emergency, you probably can be flexible a bit with your travel dates. Check the international flights time table for multiple days to find the best day and time to fly.
  • Earn Miles: Looking for discounts and often losing on comfort is not the only way to get the best deal. In fact, most smart travellers will enrol in a mile program. This allows them to choose a flight of their choice and earn some miles on the trip. You can then redeem miles for flight tickets or even other benefits and privileges. Some programs extend the use of miles to your ever-day needs, such as filling fuel in your car. And joining these programs is usually free. What’s better is that part of these programs can entitle you to benefits such as lounge access at airports making your travel even better.

Booking international flights doesn’t have to be stressful. Keep the above points in mind and book the flight of your choice. Remember to stay calm while making bookings. Do check the return and cancellation policy before making the final payment. If the budget allows you, opt for travel insurance for peace of mind. Happy travelling!