Casino Games and Your Solutions Online Now

In Switzerland, it is true that we are quite fond of online gambling. It appears in some studies that our population goes very often to online casinos and that the most popular games are of course slot machines. To be honest with you, this is a bit of a trend that emerges all over Europe, and particularly among our French neighbors as well. What we believe, and which we have verified for ourselves, is that there are several types of slot machine players within a single casino88. It is even interesting to note that one and the same player will be able to go through several types of behavior during his gaming experience.

What we advise you therefore is to read our article carefully and find your way around, analyze yourself and ask yourself what is the most fun behavior in all of this:

The one who seeks fun above all else

First of all, you have this player who frequents online casinos and plays slot machines a few times a week, sometimes not at all, it’s more when he has time to “do nothing”, when ‘he wants to relax. So he logs into a casino and then he starts playing the slot machine that makes him relax the most.

His goal is not necessarily to earn money at all costs, it is above all to have a good time and to discover the games that are on offer. If he wins, so much the better, otherwise, it’s not a big deal. Moreover, if he wins, he hardly ever withdraws his winnings. He leaves them for the following parts. Its budget is moderate, sometimes it even plays in free mode.

The one who wants to earn money

Then you have the gamer who rightly thinks that he can make a lot of money with gambling. So he focuses on a machine he enjoys and sometimes doesn’t let go for days on end. He plays several hours a week, sometimes every day. What is characteristic here is that it invests more than our previous subject. But for all that, if that does not work, if it is having a bad day, then he does not persevere, it is the vagaries of the game, he accepts them willingly. In any case, he is ready to lose the sum he invests, it not being “vital”.

The one who lost money and wants to get it back

Then you have a subject that is more worrying, and he must have started with one or the other of the preceding behaviors but he did not know how to impose the barriers which separated him from the “addictive” game. He therefore invests an amount which sometimes can prove to be important and which sometimes would even serve him well for something more important such as paying the bills for example, but he is blinded by the fact of remaking himself, it is his only objective and for that he is ready to play for hours.

This behavior should be avoided at all costs because it leads you to addiction. That is why you should read our article on personal management, in order to understand how not to achieve this state.