Christmas is near, and so is the time to get presents. While Christmas is a time for family reunions and spending quality time with loved ones, no one can deny that Christmas presents are what they look forward to the most. Christmas cheer is in the air, and even pets can feel it. They pick up on the joyous vibe that is all around the house; this Christmas why not include them in the presents-list as well.

Getting presents for dogs is an exciting experience. During Christmas, a pet store has many Christmas themed presents for dogs. Here are a few gifting ideas to make your pet’s Christmas a joyous one. 


A cute Christmas photo of the family in Christmas clothing is a cherished memory for a lifetime. Pet stores sell Santa costumes, Santa hats, elf costumes and even cute headbands for dogs. These are pet-friendly and don’t harm the dog’s coat; it also makes them feel included in the festivities.


A great Christmas present idea for a dog or a friend’s dog is a doggie-bed. These beds are designed, keeping in mind the comfort of your pet. They are also available in many sizes for different breeds of dogs. These beds can be put in the bedroom, allowing the dog to sleep with his/her owner. Pet stores also sell blankets if some dogs prefer hard floors to cushioned beds.


Chew toys are essential pet-supplies for any pet owner. Dogs tend to chew on furniture, carpets, curtains or anything else within their reach. Especially puppies during their teething-stage can lay waste to sofas, cushions and even mattresses. A chew toy is a simple solution to divert their attention from the furniture. Teaching dogs to chew on the toy instead of the furniture helps ensure the safety of household furniture. Chew toys can be excellent presents for dogs or friends who are pet owners.


The greatest joy for any dog is to be able to spend time with their owner. More than anything, dogs love to play with their owners. This quality-time is beneficial for both the dog and the owner as it can be a form of exercise. Getting toys like balls or Frisbees is a great way to spend more time with one’s pet. These outdoor activities with pets are scientifically-proven to improve emotional and mental health for both the dog and the owner. It is also an opportunity for the dog to go outside after being cooped up at home all day.


It is common knowledge that dogs can’t eat everything that humans can. A dog’s digestion system is different from a human’s. Occasionally feeding them chocolates and other human treats are not advisable. But there are treats specifically made for dogs and other pets, and pet stores have an entire section catering to these treats. Some pet stores may even have customisation options, where the owner can specify any allergies their dog might have. Desserts like cakes, ice cream, pies and others, with food that is agreeable to a dog’s digestion, are also available. Christmas is a great time to splurge on these treats for a pet.


Dog-spas are quite popular today. Dogs require grooming and intensive care, just like humans do. Dog-spas offer shampooing and conditioning services. They also massage dogs and groom their coat and nails. These dog spas can be quite expensive, but products used in a dog-spa are available in a pet store. Grooming a dog and giving him/her special attention for a day is the best present they could get.

Buying a gift for a pet is a rewarding experience. A dog’s excitement and appreciation of being given a present is an incomparable gift-giving experience. This Christmas splurge on a pet to elevate the Christmas cheer in a home.