Choosing the Perfect Toddler Christening, Baptism, or Dedication Ceremony Outfit  

There are many milestones for babies and toddlers to experience and the right outfit for those special occasions is extremely important. This includes your baby or toddler’s Baptism, Dedication Ceremony, and christening ceremony because the photos and memories created will be cherished for years and generations to come.

Finding the best Christening, baptismal, or dedication outfit is a must but what is the proper way to dress your child for one of these momentous occasions? Never fear, we have the information you need to choose the perfect attire for your child and you can order from our toddler clothing line.

The Differences Between a Christening, Baptism, and Dedication Ceremony

Many people get confused as to what the differences are between a Baptism, Dedication Ceremony, and a Christening. A baptism is a formal ceremony of welcoming a little one into the Christian Church. Depending on religious beliefs, adults can be baptized also. The Baptism ceremony includes holy water that the pastor or priest will sprinkle on the child three times, representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Some churches opt to dunk the child or adult in a tank or pond of water. The parents of a child promise to raise the child in the church during the ceremony and if the family so chooses, Godparents are involved in the Baptismal Ceremony.

A Dedication Ceremony is similar to a baptism, minus the water and Godparents, and more often than not for babies and toddlers only. During the ceremony, the parents make a promise to raise the child in the church with the beliefs of that particular religion.

A Christening takes place within both types of ceremonies and refers to giving a baby his or her name in ceremony to God and the church. It is basically another name for a Baptism.

The Baptismal, Christening, or Dedication Ceremony Attire

From Baptismal gowns to frilly dresses for girls and adorable pants outfits for boys, there are many options for babies and toddlers. In most cases, parents opt for white since that represents purity but other light colors can also be chosen.

The Christening, Baptism or Dedication Ceremony gown can be made of a variety of fabrics, including cotton, organza, satin, or silk. Most outfits are adorned with lace or embroidery and come with matching hats or bonnets. The gown is unisex so it is perfect for a boy or girl.

Dressing for the Ceremony

When it comes to girl babies or toddlers, many parents choose a Christening dress for the ceremony. There are many styles and fabrics to choose from that can provide a beautiful, festive look for your little princess. Most often, white is chosen but other pastel colors are available.

Parents of little boys usually choose an adorable pantsuit in white for their little guy’s ceremony. From vest and pant sets to little tuxedos with matching white hats, your little boy will be styling at his religious ceremony.

If you’re looking for some Christening outfits for your toddler or older kid, you’re in the right place. Our toddler clothing line offers an array of great baptism, christening, and dedication ceremony outfits for both boys and girls. Check out our website for toddler clothing online for your child on their special day.