Details And Instructions On How to Use Some PDFBear Tools

We always want convenience, wherever we go, or whatever we do. And when it comes to software that can help us with any issues regarding PDFs, we want the best to make sure that the tools really help. When you think of software that has all great features, always think of PDFBear.

This online-based tool can do almost everything for a PDF document. They also have features that only PDFBear offers. The software can edit, merge, split, convert, and add a watermark to your PDFs with ease. Using this tool, you will never feel any dismay, even in the slightest. So here are some of the tools they freely let everyone use.

Edit PDF

Portable Digital Format or PDF is pretty known to be a non-editable format. That’s why you can say this format is safe. However, it will not allow you to make any changes in your file’s contents when you need to if you already have saved them. You cant remove or add another content to the document.

But with PDFBear’s Edit PDF tool, you will no longer have to subscribe to other editing software because they provide a tool that everyone can use freely without spending a cent. It allows users to highlight, add shapes or text or even insert images in the file. This tool is easy to master and has a lot of advantages. To properly edit a PDF, follow the guide below:

  1. Click the Edit PDF and upload your files.
  2. Modify your PDF, add all the necessary things to complete your file.
  3. Wait for the process to finish completely.
  4. Download your freshly edited PDF file.

Add Watermark

Protect your work from people that steals what you made or created, such as photos, videos, or essential documents. All the mentioned can be viral in a split second if you don’t indicate that it’s yours, like adding a watermark on them. On the other hand, PDF files are also susceptible to unauthorized use or content theft, especially if you don’t know any document protection.

Adding or putting a watermark on your PDFs is a significant way of letting everyone know that that particular document belongs to you and that no one should use them. With that, no individual will claim or steal your essential file easily.

However, adding a watermark on PDFs is only possible if you have a tool. But, worry not because PDFBear has a convenient “Add Watermark” feature. It will help you quickly put a watermark on your file in an effortless manner. You don’t have to worry about your file losing its quality because the tool will maintain and not compromise them. In a few clicks, you can already have the watermarked PDF document. Follow PDFBears four easy steps to add watermark to your files:

  1. Choose and upload the PDF file you want to put a watermark. You can get it from your device’s drive.
  2. Type the text or drag the image watermark you wish, then proceed by clicking the “Add Watermark” button.
  3. After that, the process will start. Usually, it will only take a few seconds to complete.
  4. You will know that the process is done when you can see the ‘download’ button. Download and save asap.

PDF Converter

Most of us are using PDFs as our means of exchanging and presenting files efficiently and reliably. PDF is a file format that secures the users’ content, but it won’t always suit every user’s need. At some point, people will have to convert their PDFs into PPT, Word, Excel, or JPEG, or the other way around.

You have a choice to manually copy the content of a PDF into the file format that you want, but it will consume so much of your time. There’s no need for hassle and inconvenience; just access this tool from PDFBear. This online-based software can transform your task into a simple and less time-consuming process.

Users will only need to upload the file into the converter and let PDFBear handle the rest. This PDFBear feature is multiple functions combined into one. Instead of accessing various websites to convert your files, you can do everything by visiting us. Users will be amazed at what PDFBear can do. Use this tool now and quickly perform the process:

  1. Choose any document from your devices that you wish to convert into the file format you want.
  2. PDFBear will begin the conversion process.
  3. Wait for the process to be over.
  4. You can start downloading the newly converted documents to your computer or other mobile devices.


Don’t hassle yourself by looking for other PDF tools because no other PDF managing software can surpass PDFBears’ excellent tools. And they also have more to offer than just the list above. Visit the website now and see for yourself.