Dresses to Match Your Figure

Whether you’re dressing up for graduation, a wedding, the prom or a simple date, choosing the right shape and style is something you should learn about. Here’s what every girl should know about dresses according to body shape and figure.

Pear Shape

You fall under this body category if (your) (please replace with “you have” narrow shoulders, wider hips and larger thighs. You may also notice that your waist and hip curve are more defined, and your bottom is more rounded and larger. Kate Winslet, Rhianna and Kim Kardashian have pear shape body types.

With a pear shape, the focal point should be your waist. A V-neckline or an open neckline adds length to your look. Since your lower body is wider, try to balance your proportions by adding volume to the upper body. Puffy sleeves or ruffles are a good idea.

To define and accentuate your curves, try the maxi dress, A-line dress and shift dress.

Apple Shape

You have an apple figure if your bust and midsection are fuller while your hips are more slender and not curvy. Oprah Winfrey and Mindy Kaling are of an apple shape.

De-emphasizing your upper body to give a more balanced-looking silhouette can be achieved by full or flowy tunics, the midi dress and the A-line dress. V-necklines are also a very welcome option.

Drawing away attention from your fuller upper body can also be achieved by wearing accessories like waist-ties or belts, which work wonders in creating the illusion of a more defined waist.

Hourglass Shape

If you’re curvy, with your hip and bust size roughly measuring the same, then you have an hourglass figure.  Although your bust hips, thighs and bottom are fuller, your shape remains well-balanced owing to the symmetry of your torso and leg length. Beyonce, JLo and Christina Hendricks share the hourglass figure.

Choose form-fitting and figure-hugging styles like the mermaid dress, the wrap dress and the bodycon dress. Wear a belt to define your waistline. Considering necklines, choose scoop, sweetheart or V-neck. Remember that a narrow neckline slims down the bust area, and a low neckline draws attention to your small waist.

Athletic Shape

Also called the rectangle or square, the athletic figure is described as showing a bust and hip size that roughly measures the same but with a waistline that isn’t as defined as that with the hourglass. It is also characterized by a leaner and taller frame, an even distribution of weight throughout the body, and a flatter bottom. Natalie Portman and Ann Hathaway are people who maintain an athletic shape.

If you have an athletic figure, you can achieve an hourglass effect by choosing the right dress style. A sweetheart or round neckline can soften your lines and angles. An off-the-shoulder neckline is also a great option as it makes your shoulders look wider and your waistline smaller. Playing up your curves can be accomplished by ruching or draping. The halter dress, the asymmetrical dress and the wrap dress are some of your best options. Patterned and textured dresses are also a great idea.

Choosing a dress for any occasion won’t be as daunting and time-consuming if you follow these basic principles. But more important than finding the perfect dress to match your figure is your ability to accept, embrace and be comfortable and content with your body.