Dubai Golden Visa: A Quick Peep for a Lay Person 

Dubai is rightly known as the City of Superlatives. After all, everything that this city includes has a superlative attached to it. as example, the world’s most gorgeous building, tallest building, hugest mall, largest photo frame, deepest swimming pool, even the tallest chocolate sculpture, tallest hotel, longest type of handmade gold chain, largest water screen projection, longest painting longest graffiti scroll and much more is there. no wonder, with its luxurious lifestyle and easy procedure of visa, this is one destination on everyone’s lips. And after the emergence of the Dubai golden visa, people are craving to be there in this region of the world.

What do you know about the golden visa for Dubai?

The UAE High Commission offers a UAE long-term residency visa that is easily valid for nearly even ten years known as the UAE Golden Visa. It is even famously known as the Dubai Golden type of Visa. It enables talented foreigners like Investors, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Humanitarian Pioneers, Frontline Workers, Specialized Degree Holders, and more to live, work or even study in Dubai all when they are enjoying exclusive benefits, and that too without any sponsor. Most exciting thing is that this visa even gets renewed without any need for you to apply for it.  

A quick peep into the Golden visa 

A ten-year UAE visa is readily available for investors and special talents. Have a look at some of the categories right below:

For investors 

In case you like to make an application as an investor, then you are all set to make a public investment of a minimum of AED10 million. Investment Methods

  • As a minimum deposit of AED10 million in any local investment fund
  • Developing a business with the least capital of AED10 million in UAE
  • Making a proper partnership with an existing or a fresh company with a share value of a minimum of AED10 million
  • Making an investment that is a least of AED10 million in all methods mentioned above; the condition is simple, the investment in sectors other than simply real estate is not less than sixty percent of the complete investment.
  • You need to approve that you have adequate funds and are not really getting a loan to make your investment
  • You commit to keep maintain the investment for a least three years
  • You possess financial competence equal to AED10 million
  • Your visa can get extended to include your overall business partners. The condition is simply that in case each partner contributes AED10 million

Family Members and Colleagues

UAE long-term visa also get you the ease to include your spouse and children. You can simply extend your visa to one executive director as well as one advisor. International investors are even eligible to apply for a multiple-entry type of permit for a period of six months.

Visa for Special Talents

Specialists as well as researchers in the disciplines of science and knowledge, like of doctors, scientists, inventors, and even creative individuals in the fields of culture and art are eligible. The spouse, as well as children, are also eligible. A legitimate job contract in a specialized field of priority in the UAE is needed for all categories.


To sum up, it was just a quick peep into the golden visa for Dubai. Whether a golden visa or family visa cost in Dubai or anything else; you can talk to the professionals so as to get a step-by-step idea about how to go about it. After all, these visas are no less than a great opportunity if you want to live in UAE and lead a life there.