Five Helpful Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Selling a home can be challenging, especially if you are a first-time seller. It is easy to find helpful tips for buying a house, but not much for selling one. If you decided to sell your home and you have never done this before, you are in luck, as we have listed fantastic tips that will help increase your chances of selling your house faster, and making the process easier for you.

Make necessary repairs and makeovers

When selling a home, first-impression matters a lot. You only have one shot at impressing potential buyers and probably getting an excellent offer. If they don’t like what they see the moment they step in the property, that could hurt your chances of selling your home. It is why simple makeovers like painting the walls or adding plants in front of the house will do a lot. Check the property for anything that needs fixing. If buyers immediately see that there are broken things around the house, they might wonder what else is out there, and that could be a huge red flag for them.

Consider the time when to sell the home

Home buyers tend to scout for new properties during the spring season that includes the months of April to June. It also makes it the best time for you to list your home. There is a higher chance of finding more prospective buyers since many of them are looking for houses for sale in the market. The only drawback is that there is also a lot of competition since other home sellers will probably be listing their properties too.

Use a real estate agent and choose the right one

You might think of selling your home on your own. However, this is not recommended, especially if you are a first-time seller. According to experts, the percentage of owners not selling their property on their own is up to 95%, which is quite high. Work with a reputable real estate agent that has a proven track record in selling properties in your area. These professionals are not the same, so make sure that you search for the right one that is trustworthy and will understand your specific needs.

Consider your closing expenses

Many first-time home sellers are unaware of the closing fees they need to shoulder. They are surprised at the cost they still need to pay after the property is sold. Please consider this as it will usually come out of your pocket. Some of these expenses are brokerage fees and transfer taxes.

Ensure competitive pricing

If you want to have the upper hand against your competitors, make sure that your property has a competitive price. If your cost is higher than similar homes around the area, they will not consider you. However, it is also not smart to offer it at a very low price and suffer from losses in the end. Your real estate agent can help you determine the best pricing for your property.

Aside from selling directly to home buyers, you may also consider selling it to wholesale buyers. It’s convenient, especially if you want a fast and less-hassle way of selling your home. A quick search of the words sell my house fast Fort Lauderdale on your web browser will give you more details about this option. They can even take care of the repairs and closing expenses for you.