Get up and Be Sane with your Health and get Wise  

People are going vegan as soon as they are realizing the fact that animals are treated very brutally to get milk and out of them and more. We have come across stories and recipes that motivate vegan food from all over the world. One such story is shared below, read and share your vegan saga.

Rita, an IT consultant shares that once her best friend Nikita was mad on her and wasn’t talking to her. Rita, on the other hand, was all worried about how to make up things with her bestie. One day Nikita did not pick up any of Rita’s call and she was so stressed about the same fact. She reached home late that night as he had some important work at the office.

To Rita’s surprise, at her home where she lives alone, the house is fully decorated with balloons and fairy lights all over. Rita took no time to guess that who have done this. “I knew it was Nikita, she is a drama queen. She likes to surprise her loved ones like this but this time I was not prepared because of the fight we had. Though she later admitted it was the part of her plan. After all, it was our 15th friendship anniversary” Rita admitted with a huge smile on her face.

Rita’s friend Nikita is a part-time baker and a food blogger. She told Rita that she had planned a lot more for their friendship anniversary and that she had baked the cake HERSELF and it was an eggless cake. And also, this vegan cake was all delicious and just perfect that made Rita decide between turning Vegan.

If veganism is taken seriously, we cannot just be more healthy and active but also we would be helping to save the animals and our natural beauty. Below we have shared an idea to help your kids get into the habit of Vegan food and diet.

Fruitizza- Well yeah! This is the only way you can feed your kid some healthy sweets on his/her birthday. Order for him/her a beautifully designed and the tastiest fruit cake that is topped with blueberries, kiwis, strawberries and other tropical fruits, just to play a replica of olives, capsicum, and tomatoes. And yes, do not forget to ask your baker to sprinkle some white choco-chips or white choco flakes, just to give the cheesy look you see.

Getting your kids in the good habit and that helps them grow as a responsible and awaken kid, are necessary. We do not know how long this earth would survive but till the time we are alive, we should focus on a good environment. An environment that is safe, clean, healthy and secure for our generations to come. We can do so by following certain healthy habits-

  • Eat healthy and home-made food.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink a good quantity of water.
  • Try and drink some amount of detox water.
  • Make sure to add raw and leafy vegetables in your meals.
  • Start using chamomile or lemon tea instead of regular tea.
  • Try and make the least use of dairy products.

These are just a few among many tips that one can adopt for a healthy and happy life. We are not saying to be vegan if you think you cannot be one but at least certain healthy steps for a healthy life is a must and always beneficial.