Guide to types of plumbing pipes used in commercial purposes

A plumbing issue can happen in any place any time. It doesn’t matter even if you have installed the best of systems in commercial or residential property; wear and tear with time is a common thing. Calling for a plumber will help but, the plumber must be experienced to guide you in choosing the best pipes for your office. It would be wise if you keep some information related to the plumbing pipes used in commercial purposes.

Our guide is to help you understand the various types of plumbing pipes and their purposes in commercial properties. From steel pipes to t beam, get hands on knowledge of everything in this short guide.

Types of plumbing pipes used in commercial purposes:

Steel pipes:

Stainless steel pipes are one of the most preferred in commercial uses. It is because of their durable, anti-corrosion, and economical nature. Stainless steel pipes are also stronger than plastic pipes and other types of piping systems.

Copper pipes:

Copper pipes are another alternative to stainless steel. These are also highly used in plumbing systems. These are also anti-corrosion and long lasting. Thus, people have a blend of using steel and copper as per the availability. Copper pipes also resist heat and cold water and so these are able to work in high or low temperatures.


PEX is also referred to as plastic pipe. These are more flexible and readily available. Plastic pipes are mainly used in water supply system for their easy to maintain and easy to clean quality.


Compared to pother pipes, PVC pipes are not a good option in hot temperatures and extreme cold climates. Thus, PVC is preferred to indoor piping system. Thus, these are used for specific purposes and in selected locations only.

Cast-iron pipes:

Cast-iron are heavy and strong. Cast-iron pipes are used where heavy pressure is expected to flow. These are also resistant to heat and fire. Another benefit of using cast-iron piping system is that these are soundproof and UV proof.


Brass is one of the most preferred plumbing pipes due to their durable and friction quality. These are used in water tanks, geysers, and wells. Another quality of using brass pipes is that these are resistant to rust and friction.


CPVC is an alternative to PVC piping. It is safe for drinking water and this, majorly used in plumbing activities.

Other than these, also perform some research on t beam, piling, fencing, drainage, and tunneling.

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