Here’s What You Need to Know about Schoolies 2021

School can be very tough and challenging. You get tons of school work and requirements that sometimes you forget to give time for yourselves and breathe. Your thoughts get so occupied and busy, which make you stressed and exhausted, but after all the weeks that you endure each time you go the school, doesn’t it feel so amazing knowing that you have survived another year and that you’ll finally have the time to relax and unwind?

You have complete freedom to choose how you want to spend your vacation, but you may want to consider schoolies 2021. If you just finished and graduated from your 12th year, the schoolies week is waiting for you! You have many destination options to choose from, like Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Lorne, and the Gold Coast in Australia. I know that you’ll enjoy this holiday vacation because there will be lots of dancing and partying, and here’s the best part: you get to enjoy the schoolies festival without parents or a chaperone!

As part of your planning to attend schoolies 2021, you need to make sure you have the budget. You have to consider several things like accommodation costs, food and transportation, shopping allowance, and extra money in case of an emergency. 

Partying is accompanied by drinking most of the time. Of course, there will be alcohol in schoolies, so you have to take note of some reminders about drinking:

  • Do not drink if you are still below 18.
  • Drink moderately and responsibly. Know your limits and when to stop. Observe if you can’t take any alcohol in your system anymore.
  • It would help if you also did not forget to drink water, so you stay hydrated.
  • As much as possible, buy your drinks and avoid taking drinks from other people, especially from strangers.
  • Do not swim, run, or do any dangerous activity if you are under the influence.

Additionally, here are more tips for you to remember to ensure that you enjoy your schoolies and be safe and sound at the same time:

  • Do not stay away from your friends.
  • Follow the curfew if you have one. 
  • Only mingle with your friends and other people that are part of the festival.
  • Always bring your phone and money with you.
  • Call the police or any authority if you feel unsafe and threatened.

Always make sure that you are prepared in all aspects before booking and attending the event. Most parents may feel worried about their kids staying away from them, especially knowing that they will be partying without any chaperone. For your kids to truly enjoy their vacation, talk to them first before going. Make sure that you have settled any disagreement or misunderstanding. Being a parent can be problematic, but it is also important to let your child have fun and enjoy their teenage years. Being young only happens once. Some people might say that young kids should have to wait to be old enough to experience these kinds of things, but the feelings and experience are very different when you enjoy these events as teens.

For all the graduates out there, who will be attending schoolies 2021, enjoy it and seize the moment, but given that there is still a pandemic, you have to be careful and take care of your health as well.