Here’s why small businesses need to care more about cybersecurity

‘We are a small company with limited people and resources. Why would cybercriminals and hackers want to attack us in the first place?’ – That’s often the first thing small businesses and startups think about security breaches. Big brands have suffered huge consequences of data theft, backdoor exploit and breaches, but small companies are not immune to such crimes either. Hackers are aware that small companies don’t necessarily take cybersecurity as seriously as they should, and finding flaws, bugs, vulnerabilities, or hacking passwords of such businesses is easier for these cybercriminals. 

Relevance of cybersecurity

Businesses constantly collect data, often unintentionally. This could be related to private data of consumers, market info and other details from the web. A security breach can have a domino effect on the company’s status, brand value, revenue & profits. Data stolen can be used to ask for ransom, or often, this data can be leaked, which can compromise with millions of users and customers. 

Recovering from a breach is as complicated as it can get. Financial losses aside, businesses need to invest in digital forensics, and if they are found to be careless about their cybersecurity measures and practices, serious fines and penalties can be imposed. Loss of client trust can be one of the serious consequences of such breaches. Brand value, which is usually earned after years of good marketing and productive work, can go for a toss, and it may take years to recover. 

Keeping a proactive stance

When it comes to cybersecurity¸ having a proactive stance is the best approach ahead. If your company wants to beat the hackers, you need to be a step ahead. Ensuring that the cybersecurity policies of the company are well-defined is the first stepping stone, and it is also necessary to get people involved. Employees and executives need to know their role and responsibilities in ensuring cybersecurity, and they have to be aware of the consequences of their actions. 

Seek expert help

In case you don’t know what to do with cybersecurity or need help with strengthening the security perimeters of your business, consider hiring experts. From basic assistance with on-premise security, like switching to IP surveillance systems, to offering advice on defining measures to reduce threats, cybersecurity experts can handle it all. They can also offer assistance with addressing specific concerns that may be related to the nature of operations. 

Do not take cybersecurity for granted – Period!