How Can You Generate More Leads with Custom Web Design

Vancouver, the fourth largest city in Washington State, is a growing community in population and businesses. Downtown Vancouver, Lincoln, and Esther Short are hotspots for local businesses, restaurants, brewpubs, and shopping.

More businesses mean more competition, and this scenario calls for more ways to generate leads and revenue for the site and business. So, it is time to consider hiring experts for web design in Vancouver WA, for lead generation. Create a website that can attract a potential audience and turn them into leads. Here are the right steps to take in this direction. 

Choose the Right Design

The aesthetics of your site is one of the essential contributing factors to lead generation. The design choices play a significant role because 94% of the customer’s first impression relates to web design. 

If the web design does not catch your audience’s attention, you may lose potential customers. The users will judge your business based on how your website looks.

Professionals who work on web design in Vancouver, WA, will help create custom designs for your brand. 

With Vancouver’s local business riding the high tide and East Vancouver growing rapidly with high-tech companies and offices, only a good marketing strategy in the form of a custom-designed website will help you stand out from competitors and generate more leads for your business.

Work On Improving User Experience

Though the site advertises your business, you must design it for your audience. To drive more leads to your business or company, focus on creating a website that helps the customers find information easily and quickly. 

Make the design user-friendly by utilizing white space and creating a simple navigation path. The white areas will break up dynamic pages and will give you a simple and cleaner design. When the customers who land on your website easily find what they are looking for, they will likely spend more time on your site and turn into potential leads.

Include Testimonials to Increase Credibility

More than 92% of customers trust recommendations that they receive from others regarding a brand. Suppose you have a food truck rotating at locations near the office spots at Downtown Vancouver, Camas, or East Vancouver. In that case, you have the advantage of generating leads merely through the traditional word-of-mouth strategy. 

When you add testimonials as a part of your custom web design, it will showcase how people enjoy your brand, which ultimately cultivates a sense of trust. You can also discuss with the agency you are working with for web design in Vancouver, WA, about integrating Google reviews into the website. 

It increases trust among the audience and makes them feel confident about your service.

Add Good Visuals

Good visuals help break down the text on the site and offer a better browsing experience for the potential customers who visit your business’s website. 

In case you own a restaurant in West Vancouver near the Ambleside beach, add authentic photos of your patio, the ocean views, and pictures of the spectacular views of downtown Vancouver across the water on your website. It creates a personal experience for the people who visit the site and will help turn them into potential leads. 

If you plan to create a website from scratch for your business, reach out to a reliable web design agency based in Vancouver for professional help.