How Do You Use Sweet Puff Smoking Pipes?

If you fancy yourself a smoking aficionado, there’s a good chance that you keep a glass pipe handy nearby to enjoy when you need it most. Although many people might have these pipes and use them regularly, not all people actually know how to use glass pipes properly, which can not only affect their enjoyment, but it can result in them ruining their pipe in some ways. If you’re wanting to make your smoking experience the best it can be, there are a few rules you have to keep in mind – in this article, we take a look at a few of them to ensure you’re smoking game is on point.

Glass pipe basics

Whether you’ve just gotten your hands on a new sweet puff pipe or are thinking of buying one, keeping a few easy pointers in mind can very easily improve your experience on the whole. After all, who wants all of their expensive smoking material going to waste for no reason? With this in mind, let’s get started – first, even though all of these pipes are made of glass, the lengths can vary to quite a significant degree depending on where you purchased them from. Glass pipes are available in sizes between 8 to 20 centimetres in length, but whatever size you end up going with you should expect your pipe to curve at 90 degrees at the end where it will finish with a round bulb with an opening of around 1 centimetre in diameter. It is in this opening that you will load your smoking material – if you’re completely new to the world of glass pipes its better to start off with smaller amounts of material, otherwise you should have some idea of how much to place in the chamber.

How to get the most out of your material

In order to not ruin your pipe or the material inside, you need to apply heat appropriately to your pipe. To do so, make sure to cover the hole in one hand while you use your other hand to hold the heat source under the bulb of your pipe. It’s important that you ensure the flame does not actually touch the pipe, as naked flame can destroy the glass – instead, you should be holding the heat source underneath the bulb, where it will still be easily generating enough heat to melt your material. Once you see the vapor, don’t rush to inhale, as you should instead wait for material to completely liquify before you start breathing it in. When it is all liquified, you can start inhaling – to do this, you should ideally start with a  big exhale, clearing your lungs so that you can breathe a lot in in one go. Purse your lips and draw the vapour in slowly to ensure that you can keep a constant inhale going, and then once you can inhale no more, make sure to breathe out again immediately.

Practice makes perfect

Although it might seem a little bit tricky juggling all of these steps at once, after a few goes you’ll be able to work out a particular  technique that works for you. Soon enough, you won’t even have to think about it – it’ll all come naturally and you’ll be a glass pipe pro!