How Does a Reputed Car Accident Lawyer Help Victims in San Diego?

San Diego has around 1500 signalized intersections. According to the latest accident data, a large number of accidents happen at intersections. As per 2018 accident data, around 44,042 were injured in car accidents around San Diego. If you or your loved one becomes a victim of such a crash, you might be wondering what to do next.

The First Thing to Do After an Accident

If you are seriously injured, you should focus on getting the proper medical treatment. After you are sent to the hospital, you need to contact a car accident lawyer in San Diego and discuss what needs to be done while recovering in the hospital.

How Would a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Auto accidents involving cars, trucks are a significant concern for San Diego county. As per 1999 accident data, San Diego reported 15.6 deaths per 100,000 people, which was higher than the California state average.

The California State laws allow you to file for compensation in a car accident if the other party was at fault. However, you need to prove it in court. A car accident lawyer San Diego will do the following things to file compensation.

Visit the Accident Site and Collect Evidence.

The attorney will visit the accident site and collect all possible evidence, and analyze it closely. The witnesses and evidence collected at the accident site can help prove the opposite party involved in the car accident was at fault.

Employ a Team of Investigators and Experts to Strengthen Your Case

Collecting evidence or investigating an accident is a job of a professional. The attorney might hire a team of experts and investigators to gather primal evidence that he can use to prove that you were not at fault.

Organize Your Medical Bills

As California Highway Patrol data, San Diego County’s city has the largest population and ranks in the top 3 cities for the highest number of accidents.  As per 2018 accident data, San Diego recorded 49,090 accidents leaving thousands of people injured.

If you are severely injured, you might have to bear the burden of substantial medical bills. The attorney will overlook the medical treatment provided to you and organize your medical bills so that he can claim compensation from the opposite party on your behalf.

The attorney will also communicate with hospital authorities about any missing medical records and ensure the doctors provided the required medical information to claim adequate medical compensation.

File a Case

Every state has a time limit to file a claim in a car accident. If you have received severe injuries, you might not be in a position to file the case and attend the court hearings. The car accident attorney will work on your behalf and file a compensation claim. He will organize and present all evidence to prove liability and damages.

Negotiate With Insurance Company

The insurance agents will try to settle out of court by paying for the damages. In most cases, they aim to negotiate a settlement at the lowest amount. The attorney negotiates with the insurance company and shows why you need to receive a higher (demanded) compensation amount.