JEE Main 2020: Why Mock Tests & Previous Year Papers are Important


While the preparation of JEE Main 2020 exam will involve studying the syllabus, understanding the concepts, and solving the numerical. However, majority of the candidates almost forget or do no give importance to mock tests or pervious years question papers, two key exercises that let candidates get an idea of how the exam will be on the actual day. It’s a good practice to keep a constant check on the preparation level and recognize one’s mistakes, therefore it is necessary that candidates take up JEE Main mock test and also practice previous year question papers. Practicing at regular intervals gives an idea about the topics from which the questions are asked repeatedly. With 2697 admission practice centers being established around the country by the admissions authority, it is an ideal opportunity for the candidates to take mock tests. During preparation, candidates along with practicing of question papers also require to give mock tests. The NTA has established many centres for mock papers, and candidates can register themselves for free.

The Paper-I of JEE Main 2020 shall be entirely computer based and Paper-II of the JEE Main 2020 shall comprise of two modes: Mathematics and Aptitude Test will be Computer Based and Drawing will be in Pen and Paper (Offline) mode. The Paper-I will be conducted in two shifts: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. 


Reasons why practicing papers from last years is important:

  1. Time management: The most common mistake that students make is spending a lot of time on one question and ending up wasting a lot of their crucial time. Proper allocation of time for each section is very essential. Also, with practice, candidates will be able to solve questions at a faster pace than usual and know which section needs more attention. With more mock tests, the performance will definitely improve.
  2. To understand the paper pattern: In order to understand the type of questions and the syllabus, practicing last years’ papers is important. Mock tests, be it online or offline, gives an idea of the style and format of the question paper. They also assist in getting a view of the structure of exam and the classification of the questions.
  3. To get an idea where they stand: After the learning, practicing past years papers lets candidates understand how well are they prepared for the exam. Mock tests help in assessing the level of preparation. 
  4. To get an insight of the exam: Candidates will have a better idea as to which questions require more time than others, and therefore they could prepare accordingly.

The candidates get a feel of the examination by giving mock tests. They can gain confidence before the actual examination and focus their future learning on the weaker areas. As soon as the timer goes on, the time starts for the examination and candidates are able to analyze their speed. The level of examination is also determined by giving mock test. It ranges from easy to moderate to hard. Candidate can prepare according to these levels. Being set in a comparable situation and pressure similar to the actual exam can help the students to overcome their fear and help in boosting the confidence.

Everyone learns concepts and formulas but what really matters is the right strategy. Mock tests, though a proper analysis of one’s performance, proves quite helpful here. They would help in forming a better strategy in order to tackle the exam. They are designed in such a way that the whole syllabus is covered. Hence solving them can help the students in revising the syllabus. 

Also, after giving the mock tests, analyzing them is the foremost important thing. One can easily asses the mistakes that he/she made. It doesn’t matter how many questions you attempted but how many are correct. Mock tests and previous year question papers will help you target the weak areas and also help in identifying the time-consuming questions. Accordingly, you can form your strategy for JEE Main 2020. Only practice can make you perfect and help you in improving the accuracy.

As such, one can’t find any disadvantage in appearing for mock tests. The above-mentioned benefits are more than enough to uphold the fact that mock tests and previous years’ question papers are very useful before JEE Main 2020.