Ladders Options and the Right Supports

Branches of the tree in your garden that shade your terrace but you cannot reach them? Would you like to rid your gutter of the leaves that collect there in the fall, but you do not have the necessary space to store a ladder at home? Do you want a ladder light enough to carry everywhere you go, strong enough to support around 150 kg, compact enough to put it in a car trunk or store it in a cupboard and practical enough to save time in your work?

An essential tool for working at height, the ladder is ideal for these situations while offering some safety to the user. But how do you find your way among the many models that flock to the internet?

What is a ladder?

Latest born of the ladders put on the market, the DIY ladder is the perfect tool to be able to do work at height. It is a scale, the size of which can be adjusted thanks to an integrated adjustment system. For the best ladder stabilizer this is important.

This makes it easy for DIY enthusiasts like you to increase or reduce the size of the ladder. It makes it easy to reach the roof of a house, or the branches of a tree, for a price that is not higher than other products on the market.

  • You can use it both inside your home and outside. But it is not only useful for tinkering. You will be able to recover objects at height or for storage. 
  • Here are some tips to help you better choose your ladder.

You are going to do work at height and need a ladder or scaffolding. Maybe you will finish the job in one day or you will work for several days on the front of your house. Sometimes you just need a step to reach a certain height indoors, and sometimes you have to stand several meters high to work. In the articles on this page, we help you choose the ladder or scaffolding that suits you. With the stabilizer for ladders this is essential now.

Choose a scale

When choosing a scale, there are certain aspects to watch out for. The working height is important, but also the way and where you will place the ladder. We help you choose the best scale for you and the work planned.


Obviously, depending on the work you do, you need a certain type of ladder. To hang a lamp, for example, you must use a different ladder than to empty the gutter. On our advice pages we tell you what to watch out for when choosing a ladder and what types of scales there are.


In some cases, scaffolding is better. You obviously want to know when. And when choosing scaffolding, it is important to know what to watch out for when assembling. We advise you.