Medical insurance: Necessity in UAE

The UAE has some of the world’s best healthcare infrastructure, which is a massive attraction for ex-pats looking to relocate there. Health insurance is essential for ex-pats living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and plays a significant role in providing the highest level of health coverage in the UAE. As a result, this is something you will notice very quickly.

Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many ex-pats locate themselves kept separate from family and friends back home. As a foreigner, it can also be difficult to obtain critical information about coronavirus bacterial load, local measures and restrictions, and, thankfully, vaccinations.

The UAE’s healthcare system is a mix of government and industry, but ex-pats will use the private system. It is mandatory to be insured in Abu Dhabi and Dubai; in fact, now it is a legal requirement.

The UAE has a world-class healthcare infrastructure. The number of institutions and care providers has grown over the last decade. To meet demand, the number of medical specialists employed in the sector has quadrupled in some cases. The UAE is now a popular medical place for travelers looking for high-quality care outside of their home country.

In the UAE, who needs medical insurance Dubai?

Insurance requirements vary depending on the Emirate in which you live. For example, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, having health insurance is mandatory (a legal requirement), whereas in others it is not.

  • Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi)

The Thiqa program protects UAE nationals. Citizens receive a Thiqa card, which grants them full access to the Daman network’s large number of private & public healthcare providers. To apply, you have to be a UAE citizen (residing in Abu Dhabi) between the ages of 18 and 75. Applicants must also pass a Weqaya screening run by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi. The health check is performed to identify cardiovascular risk factors and is only waived in exceptional circumstances.

Modifications to insurance programs

The Abu Dhabi Department of Health announced several changes to health insurance programs, including the ‘Thiqa’ plan as well as the Abu Dhabi Basic Plan. The changes went into effect on July 1, 2016. They were created to utilize the health insurance system to increase overall efficiency all across the sector to better meet present and future demands.

  • Dubai

Saada is a health insurance plan for residents of the emirate of Dubai. It does provide insurance coverage to residents of the emirate of Dubai who are not currently covered by any government health program. The program offers treatment through a large network of private-sector healthcare providers and DHA medical institutions. Citizens’ Emirates ID cards contain information about the Saada program to which they have subscribed.

Residents of Dubai can use the Dubai Health Authority’s eSystem to file an online complaint about health insurance services or/and providers.

  • Sharjah

Sharjah Health Authority’s Department of Health Insurance oversees health care coverage for UAE nationals in the emirate of Sharjah. Initially, Sharjah Government workers, their dependents, and Senior Emiratis were the only ones who received health coverage (those who are 60 years old or above). However, as of January 2020, it has decided to extend health insurance to all Sharjah residents.

The amount of coverage available to employers & their dependents is decided by the employee’s wages, designation, and other factors. The cost of your medical services would be determined by the extent of coverage and the type of policy/scheme you have.

Employers and sponsors in the emirates of Abu Dhabi are responsible for providing health insurance coverage to their employees (1 spouse and 3 children under 18 years).

Employers in the emirate of Dubai are necessary to do is provide health care coverage to their employees. Sponsors must obtain insurance for his\her resident dependents.

In the UAE, there are numerous insurance companies. Many companies also offer Islamic insurance (takaful). Taking both medical as well as car insurance Dubai is vital.