Nuru massage – What is It and How Does It Work?

Erotic massage has an ancient history; for centuries, it was used to help establish the ideal relationship between a man and a woman. A good massage can help become closer with the partner and understand his/her needs better. Even many years ago, it was an integral part of sexual communication, a means of mutual pleasure. Nowadays, one can enjoy a good procedure in massage agencies. SweetTouch in Paris offers a variety of popular massage types. One of those is nuru, and this unique procedure is worth having a look at.

What is nuru massage?

From a huge number of relaxing techniques, it is difficult to choose one only, because each of them is unique in its own way, ranging from exotic, to calm and pacifying. There are many techniques of oriental massages, and nuru is one of those.

The peculiarity of this technique is that a special colorless gel is used. It does not have smell and taste. The oily gel has no contraindications for use; in addition, it is suitable for everyone who wants to dive into unforgettable moments of tactile sensations.

Erotic nuru procedure is the key to a healthy and strong body. It is an embodiment of secret fantasies, also helping to purify thoughts and enlighten the mind. Translated from Japanese, the word “nuru” means “smooth” and “slippery,” and despite the fact that the roots of this modern Japanese technology are in ancient Tibet, nowadays the popularity of this massage is growing around the globe.

Nuru technique

The technique of performing nuru massage is slightly different from traditional erotic massage. Just imagine such a picture: a pretty sexy masseuse slowly and gently applies a transparent gel to her body, slowly covering it with gel using her palms and fingers. After that, the flowless skin of the hottie becomes glossy, wet, and soft like silk, so that the sensations during the massage will be even more pleasant. Smooth gliding of the girl’s naked body on the visitor’s body can excite in minutes, provide a man with unforgettable sensations and help him forget about all the daily routine.

The powerful sexual energy of a masseuse, her professional approach can bring the client to the top of fabulous pleasure. The technique of the procedure involves massaging the male body with the masseuse’s body, so both partners must be completely naked. And this is another important feature of the procedure. Slippery hands and bodies bring incredibly pleasant sensations, relieving stress and muscle tension. A distinctive feature of the technique is the play of contrasts when a cool gel comes into contact with heated skin, and gentle movements and touches make the moment of ecstasy closer.


The benefits of this procedure are numerous:

  • The skin gets moistured and extra soft.
  • It helps to get rid of muscle tension and stress.
  • A man feels loved and taken care of, which makes him more confident.
  • It helps to make the potency stronger.
  • Libido increases.

As you can see, this exotic and highly satisfying procedure is what every man should try at least once. In SweetTouch you can select the most beautiful girl to give you this unforgettable experience. Having tried it once, you will come back, that’s for sure.

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