Pharmasan Labs Supplements  

Pharmasan Labs have taken their talents to detecting food sensitivity as their testing will help to assess nutritional supplements nationwide. Hopefully, their findings will help to alleviate the growing number of individuals suffering from autoimmune diseases. The test is called Simulated Cytokine Testing.

What is Simulated Cytokine Testing

The test itself measures the response of each immunological biomarkers. It’s accomplished by testing the blood samples offered by the patient. Then, the results are confirmed by testing the saliva and urine samples, which can also detect any issues with the nerve and endocrine system as well. Any additional symptoms shown can have a direct impact on the function of the immune system.

Pharmasan Labs simulated cytokine test results have assisted with creating several different supplements to combat this illness. All are neurological-simulated formulas that recommends a clinical intake of the supplement to gain improvement in the patient’s autoimmune disease. The sipplements are packaged separately for consumption each day with specific instructions. If the symptoms return after use, then the patient is advised to see their doctor once again.

Pharmasan Labs’ ultimate goal is to make this supplements the accepted model to defeating this disease. Their research has brought actual evidence or symptoms of autoimmune diseases to light. Hopefully, the supplements can care for a patient’s autoimmune symptoms. The expected results may take a few days, weeks or months before seeing progress with the treatment.

Who is Pharmasan Labs

Pharmasan Labs operates as a routine and specialized testing service in areas such as biochemistry, neurotransmitter and other functional general immunology cases. Their clientele included physicians, healthcare providers and other leading medical research groups.

In the past, the company has been recognized for their research to improve sensitivity toward Lyme disease testing. It helped with the development of a highly-sensitive T cell-based test that measures activity and avoids showcasing false positives in most case results. The Pharmasan Labs iSpot Lyme test has become the most reliable test on the market today.


Specialized testing offered by healthcare laboratories like Pharmasan Labs has come to identifying specific diagnoses and treatment opportunities. Their attention to detail is key for the reliability of the findings. Pharmasan Labs have broken through by shining the spotlight on the use of independent lab testing sites by healthcare providers and other medical research groups.

Often, their recommendations have brought sound solutions to undisclosed autoimmune diseases, and also, begun the discussion of alternative care for suffering patients. Their insight has offered and provided the best care available in medicine today. Phamasan Labs supplements have clearly shown their capacity to empowered their test findings and become a knowledgeable, active participant in improving the healthcare industry.