In 2020, also known as the year “that shall not be named,” everyone turned to exercise and a clean diet for a better state of mind and body. “Quarantine workouts” and “Whole foods diets” were the new buzz words. Amongst this, plant-based diet was also a hot topic of interest. People are now aware, more than ever, of the importance of their health. Proteins are an integral part of everyone’s diet now, for this very reason. But the question is which protein is better, plant protein or animal protein? Every diet has its own set of pros and cons, but plant protein has much more health benefits than its animal counterpart.

The truth about poor nutrition choices:

Chronic illness and obesity have cost millions of lives in the last two decades. These conditions occur mainly due to lifestyle habits, out of which food habits contribute to a majority chunk. Due to this, scientists worldwide are investigating the scientific aspects of nutrition. These investigations help overweight individuals lose unhealthy weight to reduce the risk of an illness, leading to cardiovascular fatality.

Why protein is essential:

Protein is an essential part of a balanced diet, as it helps repair muscle fatigue and maintain the body’s structure. From hair, nails, muscles to bones, everything has a composition of protein in it. Animal protein is obtained from meats, eggs, etc., whereas we get plant-based protein from soy, legumes, peas, and plant-based protein supplements. If neglected, protein deficiency can cause various health issues such as lack of growth, loss of muscle mass, weakening of the heart, etc.

Plant Protein FTW:

Plant-based protein has excellent benefits over animal-based protein, although it is a more complex form of protein to digest. Elements such as soy, legumes, etc., act as sources of protein and roughage for the digestive system. It helps keep the overall health of an individual in check. Additionally, it also supplies the body with various other nutrients. It has the upper hand over red meats, as it has lesser fat content than animal-sourced protein, which again plays in favour of keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Quicker to the Gains:

People from various corners of the world have gotten on the bandwagon of health and fitness, and at the end of a good workout, protein is that one component that helps repair muscle fatigue. For instance, even bodybuilders and gymgoers reach out for a plant-based protein supplement now. Using plant-based protein supplements help individuals reach their daily protein intake goals much sooner than the other available alternatives. Plant-based supplements like the Earth Protein from Bulk Nutrients are easily available for online purchase as well.

Immunity is everything:

Lastly, protein is vital for immunity as it helps enhance the cells that help operate the immune system. Immunity is critical in trying times like these, and the best way to improve one’s immunity is to incorporate plant-based protein in one’s everyday diet. A plant-based diet also provides antioxidants that help relieve stress.

Everybody is entitled to their eating habits, but if there is an opportunity to better the diet, make it healthier and more ethical, switching out animal-based to plant-based is the best way to go. Not only does it benefit one’s health, but it also helps the planet in the fight against climate change.