Private Jet Charters – Cost Versus Comfort

Much continues to be written touting the benefits of using private jet charters for travel in all kinds of conditions. The travel industry is constantly on the thrive regardless of the battling economy, and air charter brokers particularly have experienced an outburst in figures – particularly using the creation of the x-ray home security systems and checkpoints in many major airports – each of which are thought major headaches for travelers.

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Private Jet Charters – Cost Myths

Regardless of the favorable publicity and it is benefits, private jet charters continue to be considered something of luxury – a perk for politicians, teams, and celebrities. This really is unfortunate because chartering an plane could be not just an inexpensive option, but a financially achievable one. Just like any trip, several variables determine the price this really is taking care of that personal and commercial flights share. You should completely investigate charter operator and obtain a couple of estimate before “signing the contract” to charter. A skilled operator will happily give a cost breakdown along with a charter contract that covers almost any contingency – quite simply, no hidden charges or surprises. This ought to be read completely and understood before any financial agreement is arrived at.

Private Jet Charters – Cost Determinants

The most typical cost determinants for air charter are:

  • Kind of aircraft being chartered – which could vary from helicopters to so-known as “jumbo jets”
  • Age and safety status from the aircraft – which needs to be audited individually with a firm for example Q-Star or Wyvern
  • Management/maintenance charges – that are billed through the charter company to get and keep the aircraft
  • In-flight concierge services – including not just dining, but additionally limousine service or vehicle rentals and hotels
  • Incidental charges – which could include fuel surcharges, service charges, landing charges, etc
  • Itinerary for that trip – including not just final destination, but additionally period of trip and then any stops or layovers.

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