Professional’s Master Stroke: Get Your Car A Complete New Look

Did you know that over 1.1 million cars are sold in Australia each year? And this has been the trend for the past five years! You may think of our country as a small one, with not a huge market for cars. However, as it turns out, Australia is quite the car-lover! Also interesting to note that most of these cars fall under the category of budget cars, with fancy sports cars taking up only 28% of the market share!

The remaining huge chunk of cars isn’t as distinguished, but reliable and mostly good value for money too. They aren’t as exciting but good purchases. However, you don’t have to settle for a boring aesthetic or a regular car.

A lot can be done to the good old four-wheeler you have with a few creative modifications, that too under a manageable budget. All you need is a professional touch, and your car could get an upgrade you hadn’t even imagined. To know more, visit website!

In this article, we list down a few creative alterations that could have the whole street envying you. Read on:



  1. Tyres:

The foremost on our list is the most common car modification! Tyres are the wheels of your four-wheeler. They need sturdiness, strength, and adaptability to various terrains. You could go for thicker and more durable tyres. Plus, the tread pattern on the tyres and the rubber quality also make a huge difference. Apart from these functional and structural changes, you could opt for tyres with LED rims or metallic spokes to further accentuate the look.


  1. Performance Tuning:

If you are not so focused on the look of it, but are a driving lover and need your car to sport high performance, this is the one modification you need to get done! Altering your Engine Control Unit (ECU) would improve your engine’s combustion, and that is what, most sports cars boast of! You could also get an upgrade on the already installed brakes to further enhance the car control.



  1. Silencer:

While this has no relation to your car’s aesthetic, a silencer is an essential component that adds the “cool” to a cool car. A great silencer could give your car the much-needed speed boost, while also improving your engine’s health and promoting an economic fuel usage.



  1. Headlights:

Nowadays, we have automatic headlights which can aptly sense the need for lighting, and regulate themselves. You also get to have a say in the kind of lighting you need, whether you want an incandescent lighting or super focused yellow lighting! Fog lamps are an extra addition, but important for those who travel through foggy or rainy areas often.


  1. Satellite navigation system:

Most modern cars have a GPS installed in them, but for the older models that may not have it, it can be additionally improvised in the car. We recommend that you consider this modification as a must-have and not just a secondary content for a car. Having a GPS system could help you navigate through traffic, unknown places, and also help in finding your car if it gets stolen.



  1. Parking sensors and Reversing Cameras:

In an urban setting, roads are congested and parking areas aren’t always generous. Parking sensors are helpful in guiding you with exact movements and directions needed to park without harming yours or anyone’s vehicle. Complimented by reversing camera setup, the arduous task of parking becomes much easier.




If you have set your mind upon changing the very appearance of your car, you would want to start on the outside with a touch of colours, prints, and textures. Painting or metallic spraying the car is economic too. However, more exclusive additions like adding rooftop vents or hoods come at a higher price.

  1. Interior:

Still not satisfied with just a different exterior? Get inside your car and choose the seat covers, cushion prints,  and furnish your car to look its elite best.

However, before you finalize your car modifications, please read on the legal requirements of the particular car modification you have in mind.