Safety and security in hospitality industries

Hospitality industries such as hotels, pubs, resorts, restaurants, travel and tourism, membership clubs, theatres, etc., are always under high-security threat due to large public congregations, natural disasters, and remuneration. Security systems have become a part of these industries for public safety, comfort, and smooth running of the business. Safety measures that are taken must use proven methods and state-of-the-art security systems. Innumerable security actions are taken by installing surveying cameras, using fire protection systems and gas sensors, access control systems, lock systems, key safes, computer security systems, and alarm systems.

Modern technologies used in security systems

The technologies used in security systems always have scope for advancement to keep up with the emerging trends. Read on to know about the latest technologies used in security systems.

Surveillance cameras

Security cameras can record videos in addition to capturing images depending on the usage (motion sensor, day/night, etc.) and the place (parking lots, restaurant, large halls, etc.) of installation. These cameras use wide-angle lenses as well as telephoto lenses for better clarity and viewing angles. Most surveillance cameras are webcams capable of delivering enriched video quality (using machine learning and AI) connected to Wi-Fi and can be monitored from anywhere and anytime. Due to the high-quality data, these systems demand huge data storage.

Fire protection systems and gas sensors

Fire alarms now use wireless technology, advanced sensors for sprinklers, and lithium-ion batteries for long-lasting backup. Although wireless alarms have many advantages, it is better to use only if it’s necessary because regular service is required for maintenance. Nowadays, fire alarms contain communicating transmitters that can transmit alert messages to a nearby fire station in emergency times. Another safety concern is gas (CO, H2S, and kitchen gas) emission due to leakages in water heaters, faulty regulators, etc. Hence gas sensors with high efficiency are used in safety systems.

Access control systems

It is very important to safeguard employees as much as the customers. So an access control system is essential to prevent unwanted entry of outsiders. An access control system usually comprises components like CCTV, key fob, intercoms, proximity ID cards.

Lock systems and key safes

Lock systems are mostly used in the doors of hotels, restaurants, motels and so forth for secured access. High tech lock systems are equipped with a touchscreen, fingerprint scanners, cameras, mobile app access, digital keys, pin and passwords. Key safes are used to store and dispense keys whenever needed. They are made up of strong materials, especially metals, and are provided with pins for additional safety.

Computer security systems

It is very important to have high tech computer security systems to prevent hacking and data breaches for guest safety and security because average computers are vulnerable to cyber threats.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are useful in the evacuation process during emergencies such as fire, natural disasters, terrorist attacks etc. Nowadays, alarms use microwave sensors for higher proficiency and safety.

Good security team for good safety and security

Though high tech security systems are used, a good team for supervising and maintenance is very important. The team must consist of trustworthy staff who can manage and optimise security accordingly and improve the security with necessary upgrades. The staff involved in safety and security are verified with their backgrounds. Hospitality security must be constantly improved to provide consistent quality and business by bringing in the latest technologies, better staff training, customer feedback and system upgrades.