Should you hire a Rockford car accident lawyer? Check here!

An unfortunate car accident can leave you with injuries, mental agony, and unprecedented financial distress. Such accidents and crashes are common on Illinois roads and often have devastating consequences. If you were injured in an accident in Rockford, your immediate concern should be your wellbeing and safety. Inform the police and call 911 (if someone is injured), and you are required to report car accidents that result in property damage worth $1,500 or more. The big question is – Should you consider seeking expertise of a Rockford car accident lawyer? In this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects. 

Car accidents (most at least!) are complicated

If the other driver was entirely negligent or didn’t care for safety of others, the case is rather simple. However, most car accidents end up being complicated, with multiple parties and vehicles involved. Illinois follows the modified comparative fault rule, so the overall fault of all parties will be considered for determining settlement. If you had a share in fault, your eventual settlement will be lowered by your fault in percentage. For example – If you were given $10,000 in settlement and were 20% at fault, you will eventually get $8,000. 

Insurance companies are not working for you

Filing an insurance claim is an important step for recovering compensation. You should notify your insurer, and the at-fault party’s insurer, within a reasonable time. If the claims adjuster contacts you with an offer, it is likely to be less than what you deserve. Insurance companies are working for profit, so they eventually do not want pay huge in settlements. Without a car accident lawyer, you may end up with no settlement, especially if you had a share in fault. An attorney is your best bet at defending your interests and protecting your rights. 

You have limited time

Most car accident claims and lawsuits are settled outside of court. If your attorney cannot reach a settlement figure with the insurance company, or the insurance amount doesn’t cover your losses, they may file a lawsuit. There is also limited time to take action. As per the statute of limitations in Illinois, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver at fault. 

There is no denying that your chances of getting a fair compensation from your car accident claim are higher with an attorney. They know what it takes to get a fair settlement.