Smart Options for the best Sports Betting Options

Talk about creating a legitimate field of work for bookmakers in the country has been going on for a long time, but only in 2018 did the state work out a scheme under which sports betting began to adjust. Each country that wants to regulate the flow of rates on the network faces a lot of difficulties. In the 먹튀 검증 sites you can have the best deals now.

Smart Decisions

The most important thing is to ensure effective blocking of offshore bookmakers, which always have advantages over state and legal betting operators, since they do not pay taxes, providing themselves only with permits for offshore zones: Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, Costa Rica.

For bookmakers, 2018 was a turning point. In the summer of 2016, the betting platform, began to actively block not only offshore bookmaker sites, but also resources that advertised them. At the end of the year, by decision of the betting platform, more than 20,000 betting sites and betting operators operating on the basis of offshore licenses were blocked on the network.

At the same time, betting shops operating according to the scheme established by the state began to enter the market, and the user had a choice to stay with an offshore bookmaker, unreliable and constantly subject to the sanctions of the betting platform, or to move to one of the official bookmakers in the country that accept bets through the Central Registration Office.

Legality of betting bookmakers

The legislation of the National Federation obliges an office working on the Internet:

  • Have a license of the Federal Tax Service
  • Registered capital of 30 million dollars
  • Be a member of SRO and CUPIS

Innovations quickly took root in the domestic betting market. Bettors may not worry about paying the winnings, but the state will pay 13% of the tax.

Interactive Bid Translation Center

CUPIS this organization was chosen as an intermediary between the bookmaker and the bettor, and it is through it that all financial transactions are carried out: replenishment of the account and payment of winnings.

The center becomes not only a guarantee of the security of all transactions for the bettor, but also a regulatory body on the part of the state for all operations carried out in the sports betting with a view to their further taxation.

Both the bookmaker and the player pay tax under the new scheme. 13 percent of each bet won this is the current tax scheme. But between the offices and the regulator there is always a constructive dialogue with the aim of choosing a more tax-loyal method of levying bettors, since with the current version, legal bookmakers are still inferior in attractiveness to offshore ones.

What is the difference between legal and offshore bookmakers

What is the fundamental difference between an offshore bookmaker and an official one? Often, illegal rate operators have a license issued in an offshore zone, which is why they are called offshore.