Solar In Oregon Growth

The recent announcement of new solar incentives in Oregon is excellent news for both residential and commercial property owners. Oregon solar energy takeup enjoyed a huge surge over 2016-2018 when similar state initiatives were in place, and many experts are predicting a similar outcome this time around. With Federal incentives gradually being phased out, these local initiatives more than offset the difference; making Oregon one of the best places in the country to go solar right now.

2020 Solar Incentives in Oregon: Understanding the Essentials

These latest incentives are geared especially towards lower and medium income residential and commercial properties that could benefit from installing solar power systems. Applicants will be means-tested against the state’s median income levels and offer rebates as high as $1.80 per watt of solar installed. When totaled together these rebates could cover up to 60% of the total installation costs (capped at a maximum of $5,000) making them ideal for smaller households and businesses.

It is important to understand that these fresh initiatives are not just limited to lower-income residences/businesses. Those who do not qualify for the enhanced rebate can still enjoy a blanket rebate of $0.50 per watt of solar installed, capped at 40% of the installation cost to a maximum of $5,000.

These recent announcements provide a substantial boost to Oregon’s green credentials and once again make the state one of the nation’s true trailblazers. The fact that everyone is eligible for these schemes (previous initiatives received some criticism for being skewed towards higher-earners) and can enjoy substantial savings as a consequence is great news for everyone living in the state.

Prices Continue to Drop, Quality keeps on Improving

So what does this mean to anyone considering going solar in Oregon? The bottom line is that the local government will once again be providing substantial local incentives that are certain to provide a massive boost to clean energy production throughout the state. Even better, the average costs of installing modern solar panels in Oregon have dropped by around 40% since 2012.

Thanks to solar panels not only becoming mainstream (and manufactured in greater numbers), but also a lot more efficient and productive as technology has improved in recent years, choosing to go solar nowadays is simply a no-brainer. Not only will your home and/or business be far more environmentally sound, but you will enjoy sizable long term savings on your grid energy expenditure. All high-quality Oregon solar companies will be happy to help prospective customers realistically calculate these before signing off on any new project.

Oregon is Looking at a Bright Solar Future

Making your solar panels pay back over the long term used to be one of the biggest worries for those sitting on the fence about whether or not to install clean energy equipment. Thanks to these recent incentives and rebates people should now expect to have their system ‘pay for itself’ far sooner than they would otherwise have expected. That means longer-term savings and the continuation of Oregon’s happy love-affair with clean, renewable, and efficient energy production.