Storables: 3 DIY Storages Every Woman Can DO On Their Own

For the most of history, women are known to be weak and dependent on men. But because of how advanced technology is today and how empowered women are in this era, women now can do more things than just the person in charge of taking care of the children while their husbands are away; women now can do what every man is capable of doing.

Gender roles have been a big part of our history for centuries, but now we are breaking this stigma; there are so many things now that women can also do. We are used to men building cabinets, storages, and the, but because of how advanced the technology is today, with the help of tools and light materials, women can build it themselves.

DIY Garage Shelves

The areas of the house where we receive guests and visitors must be clean and organized. This promotes a good impression and great conversation. But sometimes, we focus so much on these parts of the house, and we forget some of the house’s areas. One of the least maintained parts of the house is the garage.

Many people think that just because its only purpose is a parking space for our vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, and bicycles, it doesn’t need to be cleaned and maintained. But remember that a clean garage can be advantageous; it lessens the chance of wild animals like snakes taking over the area, it also makes it more accessible, and it’s nice to look at.

One way to organize your garage is by making DIY wooden shelves, they’re not as hard and heavy as the other materials, so it would be easier for women to work with them. Another DIY garage shelves idea for women to make are Self-Enclosed Garage Storage Shelves. Like the first one, they are also easy to work with because they are mostly made of wood and plastic.

DIY Kitchen Organizers

Many people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Why not? This where we cook to feed the whole family. It is where we share meals where we have time to sit down with them and talk about life and how their day went. That is why it is crucial when we cook meals that will not just fill their stomach but also make them enjoy every meal.

But before a meal arrives at the table of our home, it is prepared in the kitchen using the kitchen utensils. That is why it is vital to have an organized and clean kitchen. Most significantly, we are dealing with sharp and hot objects while cooking to avoid accidents and for the person who cooks the meal to have an enjoyable experience cooking delicious meals.

All types of kitchen organizers are suitable, but the DIY ones are the best because they are lightweight, so they are easy to install and easy to remove if you wish to clean them. One example of great DIY kitchen storage is DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizers.

DIY Outdoor Storage

One of the main goals of having storage in the house is to lessen clutter and maximize space. Because not everyone has the luxury of having a spacious backyard, it is essential to make the most out of the available space we have in our backyard, and the best thing to do is to have Outdoor DIY Storage.

DIY outdoor storage doesn’t have to be expensive; when putting some in the house, you don’t have to spend so much because you can always use the old furniture as your storage. An old wooden dresser is one great example; you can make it as a wooden storage bench. You only need to put a cushion, pillow, and a little varnish to make your old dresser a DIY storage bench.


There is no question that men are physically stronger than men, but that does not entirely mean that women cannot handle complicated and challenging tasks. Because of the advent of technology, we can make tools and find ways to lessen the required effort in accomplishing tasks to make both the most complex and most complicated jobs doable for women.

Most of the time, women are tasked to stay at home and attend to the children’s needs and finish household chores; often, when they are faced with complicated tasks at home, they tend to wait for their husbands to arrive at home and ask them to do it. But that ends with the coming of DIYs. It is the process of doing things without the help of other people.

With the help of DIYs, women now will be able to build anything on their own without their husbands’ help. If before making storages and furnitures is only a men’s thing, building things now becomes anyone’s job.