Swimwear Stories: Finding the One to Flaunt Your Shape

From the iconic one-pieces in the late 1920s to the smoky bikinis in the 1940s, bikinis in Australia have undergone a dramatic change. Fortunately, they are more fashionable than they once used to be.

The options for women’s swimwear are endless today. Where to start looking for the right one? It might be the question many women are asking today. Picking the right style or cut that flatters one’s figure requires a little bit of research and hunting in the right places.

From top to bottom, the options available are mind-boggling. Thongs, high-cut, high-waist, classic briefs and side-ties are the most popular options for bottoms. Choosing the right one to complement the body shape is also crucial.

Here is a guide to finding the one:


  1. Halter

Halter tops may have different cuts, but they all have one thing in common. They are secured snugly around the neck with a clasp or a string.

Benefits: It gives enhanced breast support and also superior coverage. It is a go-to option for people with an apple or an hourglass body shape.

Pro Tip: The classic tie-style provides more support and control than other types.

  1. Bandeau

The bandeau is like the much-loved tube top. It is just one piece of fabric that wraps around the chest snugly.

Benefits: Some models even have underwire support. This style is most comfortable for the small-busted and those with body shapes like rectangles or pear.

  1. One-shoulder

It is one of the more stylish substitutes for the traditional bikini styles. The asymmetrical design adds flair and poise. It provides more support than a bandeau but may not be comfortable for everyone.

Benefits: It draws attention beautifully to the upper body. It is more flattering on people with a pear body shape.

  1. Triangle

Yes, it is that image that comes to mind when anyone thinks of a bikini. It is also called a ‘trikini’ because of the triangle-shaped fabric over each breast.

Benefits: It is the classic silhouette and is arguably flattering on all body shapes.

  1. Underwire

If the goal is maximum support for beach trips, then underwired bikini tops are the answer. It imitates the traditional bra style in silhouette.

Benefits: Women can purchase it in the right cup size for high support.

  1. Tankini

It is the middle option between a one-piece suit and the traditional model. Some extend to the bikini bottoms and resemble a one-piece. Other styles are shorter than that.

Benefits: It works well for those who would like to conceal their stomach but, at the same time, desire flexibility that a two-piece offers. It is one of the most preferred bikinis in Australia as it also reduces body tan.

  1. Bandini

Just imagine a tankini without the straps, and there is the bandini. It gives the wearer freedom to flaunt more skin.

Benefits: Some have support built underneath the top. It is a good option for hourglass, apple, or for those with an inverted triangle shape.

  1. Rashguard

It is no secret that Australians love sports. Be it surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or other forms of athletic events, finding comfortable wear for these activities is very important.

Benefits: Rashguard swimsuits provide excellent support for physical activities. They usually have a long sleeve which makes them the ideal wear for sun protection.


No matter what the body shape is, there is a bikini style for everyone. While finding one to compliment the body shape is vital, this factor should not limit one’s freedom to be creative. Have fun with colours, cuts, and patterns.