The Best Electricians in Mesquite

Are you facing any difficulty in any of your electrical appliances? Do you need an electrician right away? Do not worry as Berkeys are there for you. Berkeys comprises an expert team of  trained and experienced contractors and customer service executives which ensure our customers 100% satisfaction with the work. Electrical appliances may seem small in size but can affect your whole house. A small default somewhere can cause a fatal accident. This is where Berkeys help you keep your home safe from any hazardous incident. Here are some safety tips related to electric appliances you can keep in mind.

Things to keep in mind while working with or near electricity

Everyone needs electricity. The world will stop if we do not use it. There are many problems in the world but we cannot just stop using them, so we deal with every issue with proper precautions. Similarly, electrical appliances should also be used with utmost safety.

  • Do NOT cover your extension cords with something on top. Many people tend to cover the extension cord with a cloth, carpet, etc. but it is not recommended. If any default occurs, you will not be able to know about it and in the worst case, if any fire catches up, it will spread out early.
  • Do NOT use any damaged cords or appliances. If you can see the internal wire or anything else of the appliance, keep that aside and use a new one.
  • Do NOT use water in case of fire, use a fire extinguisher for it. Water is a poor conductor of electricity which will produce more harm to the surrounding.
  • Do NOT use any appliances that cause a spark when you plug in. Also, do not use any other thing which gives you a minor shock or buzz when using it.

Check out these important signs which let you know that you will have to call an electrician.

  • Tripping of the circuit breakers.
  • Wires loosening up
  • Lights flickering or dimming
  • A burning smell
  • House too old


If you are having any issues related to electricity, please call our licensed experienced contractors, who will help you with the best solution to it. Berkey’s is the best repair service in Mesquite, Texas and the surrounding area. You can book your electrician through our website or our number 817-405-0740. Even if you aren’t facing any problems, please make sure an electrician comes up to your home for an inspection of whether everything works properly. Remember to call Berkeys because ‘Precaution is better than Cure’.