The PDFBear Way: Fast, Accurate, and Reliable Tools it Offers

There are still people who don’t know what online software to use to handle their PDFs. If you are still finding one, you’re an inch away from enjoying all the tools PDFBear offers. This online software can process your PDFs without any problem. Users can choose from its multiple and handy online tools without paying for anything. So here are some reliable and accurate tools PDFBear can offer.

PDF to Word

Each day, we are tasked to do something, and we might get stuck on doing something repeated. A task like copying and pasting content is easy but will consume most of your time if you process multiple documents. The same goes with converting your PDF files to Word documents; manually doing it means a lot of work. If you wish to use a tool that can remove the hassle, PDFBear is here for you.

This only software will give its users the PDF to Word converter free tool and convert multiple PDFs into Word files in a few clicks. If you want to convert some files now, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Choose any PDF and upload them to the website.
  2. The conversion tool will begin scanning and extracting the data from PDF.
  3. Please sit back and wait for it.
  4. It’s time for you to download the file to your computer.

Compress PDF

Whatever your purpose for shrinking your PDFs file size, this online tool from PDFBear is available to serve you. You might not notice, but reducing the document’s file size will result in low-quality outputs if you’re using unreliable tools. It’s not an issue for many PDF users, but you can do things to avoid that. Luckily, this PDFBear online tool will help you compress your PDFs without sacrificing their quality.

Most people are having the best day of their lives and spending so much time on the internet. With that said, you might experience uploading something, but you’re not allowed because of the file size of your document. Of course, we can store large-size files on online storage sites, but it’s not the same thing with uploading your file through email. The reason for it is the servers might restrict or limit the size of the file you can upload.

For you to get through this problem, you can start using this tool from PDFBear. This tool can quickly compress any PDFs within a minute. Below are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Choose the files that you need to compress right now. Users can also drag them into PDFBear.
  2. Choose the option you need.
  3. PDFBear will compress the documents in a while.
  4. After the process is done, you can now download the file to your computer.

Split PDF

If you want something that can separate or extract a PDF document into multiple and individual files, you need to continue reading this article’s content. With that statement, this list will provide and teach users how to use this online tool to their advantage. The Split PDF function is just one of the many handy tools that PDFBear can offer you.

The best example of when to use this tool is if you possess a book in PDF. If you wish to remove some chapters from the book, there’s no need to do it manually because you can always use this tool and extract some parts that you need to remove. If users want to archive or keep the book’s essential content, they can just extract those chapters and save them to their computer instead of highlighting them.

Users can also choose to split their PDFs in two ways, such as extracting particular pages from the original one or separate the PDF document into different pages. If you want to use this tool right now, follow the four steps below:

  1. Decide on which PDF file you need to extract or split the content.
  2. Select those pages you wish to remove from the source file and click those pages.
  3. After selecting the pages, apply the changes, and this tool will extract the pages in a while.
  4. The separated pages are now ready to be downloaded. You can also share them on your social media accounts.


PDFBear is free online software that most people use to convert, compress, repair, protect, or unlock their PDFs. This platform helps thousands of people now since it was introduced because of how reliable, fast, and secure it is to use. PDFBear is also accessible throug a computer regardless of the operating systems. Besides that, you can access this software’s features through your mobile devices, which is convenient when you’re in a rush.