The Secret to Making the Best Ever Chicken Wings

It is no secret that Canadians love their chicken wings. Between family gatherings and sporting events in Canada, food plays a critical role in how people come together and celebrate these special moments, and there is one meal that is synonymous with these events; chicken wings.

Unfortunately, there is a big debate on how to prepare and serve chicken wings. While some people prefer them fried, others will go for grilling or smoking.

In this simple guide, we give you tips that will help you prepare the best possible chicken wings for your family or friends. Read on to find out everything that you need to know.

Know Your Wings

Typically, chicken wings comprise of three parts, namely; the flat, the tip, and the drumette. The middle tip of the wing is usually left aside for use in stock.

If you want to prepare traditional chicken wings, then you need to focus more on the drumette which has plenty of meat, and it is also large enough to accommodate sauce. If you want totry something new, try to keep the tip intact since it packs a nice bit of crunch.

Choose Your Baking Method Wisely

When it comes to baking wings, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind as well. A lot of people out there prefer to steam or bake their wings in advance, and this can be a great way to save time while preparing for other dinners.

Once everything is ready to be served, you can take a few minutes to broil your wings to get the needed crisp. But, some experienced chefs in leading restaurant DDO Montreal outlets prefer to double bake their chicken wings instead.

The first baking is for tenderizing the meat while the second one is for adding more crispiness to the wings.


Salting and chilling your skins will dry out the chicken skin slightly, which is also key to ensuring that the skin is crispy when the wings are fried.  Pat the wings dry with paper towels, toss them with a little salt and place them on a wire rack in a baking pan.

Once you’re through with the baking, make sure that you refrigerate them for at least one hour before you fry them up.  Leave them uncovered in the refrigerator so that the moisture evaporates.

Marinate Properly

When it comes to marinating, there is a wide array of rubs that you can apply to your wings. The common ones include everything from honey sesame to the traditional parmesan and buffalo garlic. You can also try out chicken wings marinated with soda pop.

No matter your choice, you need to ensure that you let the wings soak in the sauce or dressing overnight so that the flavor sets in quite well.

When cooking your marinated chicken wings, it is highly recommended that you use medium-high heat to help you achieve a perfect level of doneness and crispiness.

Pairing Wings with Drinks

Let us not overthink this aspect. Beer is always a classic match for chicken wings, and it is a common drink in family gatherings and sporting events where they are mostly served.

You don’t want to mess with this combination but don’t be afraid to try out something new. If you don’t prefer beer, then choose a refreshing drink that is low in sugar and can pair well with your wings.