The Smartest Options for the Sports Betting and the Best Teams


If you bet on Football team 1 +0.5, it is enough for the Football team 3 to avoid defeat, as it is as if the team entered with a symbolic “half goal” advantage, and thus, if the game ends tied for example, this advantage would be used. . In that case, it would be the same as betting that Football team 4 will win or draw the match. In case of the 토토검증 sports betting this is the best deal now.

The big difference to the European football bet happens when the football bet options are in whole numbers. Example: Football team 2 AH -1 vs +1 Football team.

If they bet on the victory of Football team 2, the Carioca team would have to win by 2 goals difference, as they would face the disadvantage of -1 goal. If the team wins by exactly 1 goal difference – instead of losing the bet – as in the European football bet (remember, it gives you the option of Draws -1 and +1), it is void. The same happens if you had bet on Football team 1 AH +1 and the game ended 2 × 1 for Football team 2, for example. The bet would also be void.

The Asian Football bet

To understand the Asian football bet, there is a very simple idea that will make it easier to understand: The Asian football bet is two bets in one. That is, when you make a bet half of it goes to a “result” and the other half to the “other”. Complicated? Calm down, it’s easy to understand.

Football team 2 AH -1, -1.5 vs + 1, + 1.5 Football team

Let’s imagine we would bet on Football team 2. As you can see, there are two bets in this football bet: -1, -1.5 (They will always be separated by commas.) This way, it’s like Football team 2 needs two results to win your bet.

If the Rio team wins by 1 × 0, you will have problems, but not so much. The first part of the bet (-1) will be void. The second half of the bet will be lost (-1.5), as Football team 1 would have half an extra goal. This way half of your bet would be lost. That is, if you bet a value of R $ 10.00, it is as if R $ 5.00 were for the bet “Football team 2 -1” and R $ 5.00 were for the bet “Football team 2 -1.5”.

  • On the contrary it would happen if you had bet on Football team 1 AH + 1, + 1.5. If the game ended with Football team 2 winning by 2 × 1, the football bet would be used in favor of the visiting team, causing half of your bet to be void (as it is as if the game ended 2 × 2) and the second half of your hand. Bet was won (as it is as if the game ends 2 × 2.5).

With a 2 × 0 win for Football team 2, the football bet in favor of the Rio team would be fulfilled (as it would outperform the odds on the first bet, causing the game to end 2 × 1 and the second bet as it would end 2 × 1.5). This type of football bet betting is also sometimes shown as Football team 2 -1.25. this 0.25 that appears there would be precisely to shorten things and show as a middle ground between -1 and -1.5. So if your gambling site is appearing this way, you already know it’s the same thing. Can you understand the football bet? Hope so! Keep up with us and let’s learn a little more.